Another side by side HPS VS DE HPS VS COB LED

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    You have to consider running them at the proper height. My Cobs are ran less than a ft away in some places meaning a higher PPF than normal in some spots. You can't do that with HPS and definitely not DE HPS. Once the photos are back up take a look at the measurements and layout of the lights I'm using. It makes sense I promise it's all simple light physics.
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    yes height.. great reply i am keen on that part..

    no reflectors or lenses...even coverage ..
    so what if i have to pin them closer!
    i am hoping that may make up for lot of hps watts
    and your side by side is REALLY gonna help

    i have four mex seedlings 2 " away from one 20w estonian rigid strip and they are 1250 ppf
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    Jerro Member

    Here are the pics I promised of the new setup, damn won't let me upload anything :/

    CouchGouch Well-Known Member

    Just post the link to image location
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    MeGaKiLlErMaN Well-Known Member

    That all will depend on what you want, next run will be all the exact same genetics and will be awesome. Same side by side all Veged under the same light for the same time. Pineapple Express

    MeGaKiLlErMaN Well-Known Member

    The update that was missed.

    Week 8 day 6.

    Today is week 9 day 4 and no more nutes will be added, only an enzyme and PHed water.

    Anyone ever try a sweetened that worked? That's the only thing I'm not sure on as I've heard/seen mixed results.

    Jerro Member

    Ahh the site has been down!! Damn stil can't upload files...

    Jerro Member

    Nice setup brother, I have some Pineapple Express sends Im about to run next round.
    What brand LEDs are you running in that setup?

    MeGaKiLlErMaN Well-Known Member

    4000K Cree CXB3590

    lukio Well-Known Member

    Nice diary dude!

    MeGaKiLlErMaN Well-Known Member

    Flush time starting.

    Week 9

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    I would be careful with humidity that high when you are flowering, you are risking bud rot and powdery mildew, 40-60% is optimal for flowering in my opinion. The reason the hand under the hps is hotter is because the inferred light. LED's heat comes out their heat sinks. Sweet video by the way , happy growing / harvesting.
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    MeGaKiLlErMaN Well-Known Member

    VPD is why. Look at the chart its important to be in that green area. 70-75% is where it should be with lights on.. when the lights are off it drops to 50%.

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    Yodaweed Well-Known Member

    I would be careful with high humidity that far into flower, from personal experience it is risking mold infestation, 40-60% is optimal for not having mold, VPD varies depending on plant size and location of grow (altitude is a factor i live at 6500 feet) . I also think that chart is for vegetating plants and not flowering plants as well and also i do not believe that chart is for cannabis.
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    MeGaKiLlErMaN Well-Known Member

    Check out medicropper, he runs it higher

    Yodaweed Well-Known Member

    What works for one might not work for another , where i live PM is a serious problem, running RH that high invites problems.
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    growingforfun Well-Known Member

    I agree completely with ^

    That looks like a "most cultivates plants like X" chart. Not a chart for a specific plant, or the plant we are growing. I prefer a much drier room than that thing suggests, and would say your playing with fire going over 50% RH.
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    MeGaKiLlErMaN Well-Known Member

    I suppose this is for the perfect environment. So that's fair. Completely sealed and sterilized is different than having a fan
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    Jerro Member

    Finally I can upload files!! This was two weeks ago, I'll upload a newer pic tomorrow.

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    I keep my RH between 50-58 during veg and 40-50 during flowering first month or so then I drop low as I can, one way I control my RH is by trimming my plants, if the room is small and there's a lot of big plants RH becomes an issue to control, unless you buy a big commercial dehumidifier, the regular 70-90 pints Cant keep up without pruning the big fan leaves.

    I use Inkbird Pre-wired Humidifier Dehumidifier, it's $35 an works better then the $200-400 hydroponic versions aimed towards marijuana growers, way over priced!! I also use Bayite BTC211 1650W Digital Temperature Controler for the temperature, you can hook up exhaust fan and heater to it, or Portable AC it works great, the calibrations on both devices are off, but you can calibrate and waaalaaaa under $100 u got a fully controlled room!!

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