Anyone Else use Aspirin to Feminize their plants

Discussion in 'Advanced Marijuana Cultivation' started by vostok, Oct 12, 2016.

    oilfield bud

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    Thanks bro.

    GreenLegend420 Well-Known Member

    Ive never done any of this before

    Is the result the same if you stress a femenized to self pollinate as a regular female? As long as they dont have the hermie trait they should both still produce 100% femenized right?

    Also when you self the fem both the first seeds and the pollen are both feminized coded right?

    Flowki Well-Known Member

    When plants need watered and have that hung over look... jokes so bad can't even finish it.

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    Ok, figured I should update even thought this thread is older, so did asprin force male flowers.... yes, was that pollen viable and create seeds..... yes, did those seeds germinate. .... no not 1 has germinated as of yet... not sure why, but I cannot go on to recommend or support using this technique as out of more than a thousand seeds not one seed has germinated, all seen to be sterile, idk
    oilfield bud

    oilfield bud Well-Known Member

    Sorry bout the bad luck buddy. I was just wondering what happens to this thread. Thanks for the update

    atriumfall1 Member

    No it wont fem a cannabis plant it will hermie the shit out of it if wrong dose anything more than 1 350mg per gallon. The fact is aspirin does not work at all. These are ridiculous controllled experiments where they have concluded thaf it makes a plant healthier with litetally zero basis

    Resinman1921 Member

    Say what?

    morgwar Well-Known Member

    If it matters I've used aspirin via soil as an immunobooster in veggies for years. I tried it on an out door grow plants and a third of the girls turned into boys.
    I learned to keep the dosage low to prevent herming and it definitely increases stink in that strain. Insects won't touch em. Bees love it though.
    I believe I was watering with a 40 gal sprayer and using a baby aspirin per gallon when I lost all those girls.
    I cut it in half at the next site and had no issues. Keeps the grasshoppers off everything.
    Foliar is unnecessary, it does it differently based on stress response. Boosts terpenes growth rooting and finally sexual panic.

    morgwar Well-Known Member

    Feming a cannibals plant is hermieing a cannabis plant. Just different mechanisms. And we've used aspirin in every single produce crop fertilizer since 1946. Bayer became what it is because of that. This is why we don't have locusts destroying the worlds crops anymore.

    Nugachino Well-Known Member

    Aloe vera also has salycyclic acid in it... plus a whole host of other goodies.
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    morgwar Well-Known Member

    Also hermaphroditism is not a trait, its a function of reproduction.
    If you crisper edited out the genes responsible it would sterilize or kill the plant.
    Every single cannibas plant on earth can and will hermie if the right amount or combinations of stimulus are applied.
    You have to breed for traits that make it less likely or unnecessary, ie immunoresponse, vigor, fertility.
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