Anyone Else use Aspirin to Feminize their plants

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    auswolf Well-Known Member

    Fems via light method has it pros and cons.
    Mother/father plant will need to be separated from your grow at night
    or even better a seperate grow area.

    The grow light runs normal times eg 18/6 12/12, the night light runs 24hrs.

    Your night light needs to be very low wattage, example I use a growlush fan controller
    as my night light lol. It sits outside my tent and let's light through one of the mesh vents.

    This works through veg and flower as long as the plant is mature.

    The brighter the light the more male nuts will pop, but if your light is to bright your plants
    will not flower nor produce nuts.

    Kinda ironic it's useless as a fan controller but really good for breeding.

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    oilfield bud

    oilfield bud Well-Known Member

    Whats the difference in this method and plants that just herm from light leaks ?

    qwizoking Well-Known Member

    Most plants won't herm from light leaks..I've actually never been able to get it to happen
    oilfield bud

    oilfield bud Well-Known Member

    Good to know

    Noinch Well-Known Member

    You don't have to spray the whole plant with CS, just a small branch and then you just chuck that and smoke the rest. Just need to be careful not to get it everywhere
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    Pete Townshend

    Pete Townshend Well-Known Member

    Any results to report yet?
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    tonygreen Well-Known Member

    If you wanna go real old school without messing with any chemicals just stick your hand in your pots and fuck up the roots pretty good. Works like a charm. :D

    vostok Well-Known Member

    I've yet to start

    another week or so till the autos are old enough
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    Pete Townshend

    Pete Townshend Well-Known Member

    I'm very interested in your findings. I'm highly allergic to silver so I can't do CS.
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    Dave's Not Here

    Dave's Not Here Well-Known Member

    Interested in the aspirin tech. You can also try letting a plant get very over ripe and see if it will throw some nanners, also maybe placing a brown paper bag over a branch to screw up the light cycle.
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    MonkeyGrinder Well-Known Member

    Let me know when you do. Or if you start a journal on it etc.
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    2layz2p Well-Known Member

    People drink CS all the time, you can buy it at the health food stores, works great on rash's burn's anyplace you want to kill bacteria, I've heard of people using this on staph infections when antibiotics don't work, People also consume small amounts of CS for stomach issues and a million other medical conditions.
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    oyeah Active Member

    I have a set up for breeding and all I do is wait for the hairs to show up and then every day I advance my timer to turn the lights on a half hour sooner and after a few days of this she herms out and I've had 100% fem seeds. I just let nature take it's course and I get fem seeds and smokeable weed.
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    1Zigzagman Active Member

    I'm actually a week into the process, and mixed 8 aspirin in 12oz of water I know that sounds like alot but either way I'm not smoking the branch I'm spraying anyway, no balls yet but I am also running autos, no real damage to the plant from the high dosage mixture so hopefully it works if not no biggie I wasn't able to get my hands on any cs in town, have no silver to make my own so I tried it as well.....
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    1Zigzagman Active Member

    just a update from me, I'm now into week 2 of my spraying with aspirin and have balls forming all over the branch I've been spraying, 8 aspirin might be a lil overkill for 12oz of water as I do have what seems to be a slight burning going on, maybe 6-7 would have been better, but nothing severe going on, I'll post again in the future once they swell up and drop pollen, just to inform whether or not the pollen is viable, but it does work for reversing sex on 1 branch as a foliar feed... As I said still skeptical but hoping for the best, if it does work well I can tell you who won't be investing in colloidal silver .... This guy

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    1Zigzagman Active Member

    ok but like I said, a lighter dosage might have been better, I just don't care about 1 branch I figured probably worth the experiment, so 1st pic is my area and the plants I'm crossing, and I had some nute deficiencies early on, so yea... Left is wild Thailand Ryder, middle is auto ultimate (the plant I sprayed) and the right is think different, the rest are of the branch I sprayed

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    David Boggs

    David Boggs Well-Known Member

    I have tried both ways many times and neather of your ways work for me or no one I works and so do light leaks to get a plant to herm in the flower room.

    backtracker Well-Known Member

    Soma makes feminized seeds by letting them go way long.
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    Rayne Well-Known Member

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