anyone tried original sensible seeds?

Discussion in 'Seedbank Reviews' started by bdt1981, Sep 12, 2012.


    bdt1981 Well-Known Member

    they seem legit a little cheaper than attitude and have some in stock that attitude is currently out of. just lookin to see if anyone had good exp with them.

    daillman Member

    I was in the same frame of mind but went ahead and bit the bullet and ordered. I ordered Big devil xl and Himalaya blue diesel, i made one order then the other later the same night. that was the 4th and i received them both on the 14th they both came in plain packages that both contained original breeder packs and two free seeds(sugar mango ryder) im very pleased with the speed and quality of service. didnt need costumer service so i cant speak on that, have not had a chance to germ any so stay posted i might do a journal(i love those things) i will order again in the future with no hesitation.:bigjoint:

    Flares Active Member

    I have ordered from them several times with no issues. There shipping is quick and there prices are the best.

    racerboy71 bud bootlegger

    same here, ordered from them, no issues, got what i paid for.. :D

    DukeOfDenver Active Member

    Is this you guys are talking about? And jaherb...have you tried doing your tut yet?

    CannabisCultivator Member

    I've used these guys for quite a long time now after finding out about them here on Rollitup. Ordered and received 8 orders in total. I think that they're now one of the top banks out there now judging by this forum and a couple of others I'm a member of. I've just seen that they've finally brought out their new range of "Original Sensible" strains which look good, some guys from Skunk Magazine have been growing them out in their forum and they sound good. I'm going to give the Black Destroyer a go in the next month or so and also fancy the Black gum ( I'm into Black strains at the moment :) )

    Frankc7890 Member

    Just harvested their King Tut. ,...Extremely nice smoke and great plants. Doesnt require any special treatment. Just plant and water! OSS is a very good customer service co. I had a problem with ordering seeds (My fault). They stayed with me and helped me through my mistakes and then gave me a 10% discount, even though the mistake was mine. Great stealth shipping, with quick arrival. I will never buy my seeds anywhere else! :eyesmoke:

    BostonGardenahh Well-Known Member (Original Sensible Seed Co.) is the only place i buy my seeds.. i'm a medical marijuana card holder and grow legaly.. always get my shipments quick 10-12 days to Boston.. 100% germination rate w/their seeds and a shit load of freebies.. just got two strains from their signature line.. planted the Auto Black JH.. waiting for more room to plant the Auto purple.. i've gotten 6 shipments in the past yr w/no problems. love these guys...

    Finchables Member

    I am running their Chronic Lights, Black Gum, as well as their Pure Kush. I am also germinating some Chocolate Kush by 00 Seeds. I have also grown their Sweet Kush, that is a plant with a hell of a lot
    of vigour! As they are all new strains I would expect that the vigour will show in the strains I am growing. All four Black Gum seeds came up directly in cup pots. Out of five Pure Kush seeds I have ended
    up with three, althouh five germinated, one was eaten by bugs, and I did not grow the fourth as it did not have the vigour I look for. The Black Gum seedlings are due to go into the big pots with coco,
    diatomite rocks, perlite, and worm castings. The three Black Gum seedlings in cup pots all look identical to each other!

    Check out my grow log when I update it very soon. That is the link to the Black Gum seeds.

    ismy13 Member

    Hello, for me they are very serious, my orders always received after one week, I am from france, more if like me, there was a crushed seed, I have written and shown a photograph, he referred me to the seed, frankly they are really seriously, thanks to them

    cook.d252 New Member

    I ordered some beans on 7 march then saw this thread and worried over nothing. Recieved them today 21 march all present and acounted for. Good 5 star rating from me.
    the ferret

    the ferret New Member

    hey guys,im just get 3 auto purple seeds from original sensible as a second gift from a competition on facebook,the first gift was a t-shirt,i think this guys doing a verry good job :) try them out....

    ogsc74 New Member

    Amazing seed company bought me first seeds from them and was here 6 days later will buy plenty more bought and kandy kush fem and got a punky loin free so happy with my order and shipping very trusted by me

    Cowboydj53 New Member

    Awesome seed company, with a great selection and the best prices. I ordered 35 seeds and got 15 free. Shipped to my door in just eight days!!! I used standard stealth shipping its cheap and NO problem. I will be getting all my seeds from Original Sensible Seeds.

    I won't be starting my 1st grow until June, but I will gett back with a full report and pics!!!!

    Gianni1812 Active Member

    I ordered from these guys quite a few times excellent service and fast shipping. One of my favorite strains that I grew came from pyramid seeds>>>

    One of the highest THC % in a plant very musky smell and dripping resin perfectly advertised. Buds grew very uniformly and got a good yield highly recommend this strain for beginners and experts alike.

    TubePot Well-Known Member

    Is the "Extra Steatlhy" shipping method recommended?

    Cowboydj53 New Member

    At checkout they recommended standard steatlh shipping with no tracking for 4.99 euro about $7.00 US Got them in 7 or 8 days, i ordered 4 differant strains and got all of them.
    I'm very pleased with Original Sensiable Seeds, price, seeds, and shipping.

    TubePot Well-Known Member

    Thanks CB.

    Growan Well-Known Member

    I' ve got some of their chronic lights on the go. 5/5 germ rate, vigorous plants, smelling great. Didn't buy direct (came through irish seed bank), so can't comment on their shipping.

    itspec New Member

    I always use normal shipping, never got problems with that, and it's even free. You can order 1 strain at time no paying extra fees, love this site
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