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Discussion in 'Seed and Strain Reviews' started by ThaDocta1, Mar 2, 2015.


    Lightgreen2k Well-Known Member

    I was thiking of starting some; designer Ogs, today from even before late of this thread or Moonwalker Og from Alien. Bout to flip a coin...
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    higher self

    higher self Well-Known Member

    Cool man. I hear that, when my two tents are done im going to scrap a lot of my keepers. Ive bought so much fire since I started what I have going now haha current stuff gotta go!! I want to be done w/ cookies but dont want my Dosido packs collecting dust.
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    Jp.the.pope Well-Known Member

    I loved my designers. Ended up with 4/4 males last run. But they were gorgeous plants. Made some chucks with my favorites.

    Planning on running more and grabbed a second pack

    Diskokobaja Well-Known Member

    If you have extra seeds to throw away I will gladly take them...
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    MistaRasta Well-Known Member

    "Triangle mints aka wedding cake killing dosi!!"

    ^this shit right here is why I can't take you seriously.. you fall for whatever new flavor/pollen chuck of the week that's out then dick ride whatever breeder doesn't fit your standard when the strain ain't hot anymore

    Just fuck off vato, your two cents obviously aren't worth a shit around here..

    And btw,
    As cool as you think you are on the internet, you're not. Nobody gives a shit about you, they're just putting their opinion out when you act like a little bitch to begin with..
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    Vato_504 Well-Known Member

    It's took you 2 days to come up with that? Obviously you think I'm cool to be replying to my messages. But since you want attention from a man I'll tell you this EAT A DICK!! You think I care what you think? You think I care about any breeder? I never shot marbles with none of these clowns. Maybe you think you know them on a personal level since they responded to a message from you now you think y'all "COUSINS" lmao. With that being said I hope somebody sends you some free seeds girl!!

    Terrapin2 Well-Known Member

    i like growing cannabis.
    it's fun.

    genuity ambition

    And relaxing...I don't know what's going on in this thread....

    Jp.the.pope Well-Known Member

    Anybody actually ran the duct tape yet?

    Trying to decide if I start with duct tape or kings stash :bigjoint:
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    higher self

    higher self Well-Known Member

    We're going to get it back on track don't worry.
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    eastcoastled Well-Known Member

    Lemonheads at 65 days. I think this one will go 90, although things can turn really fast at this stage. Definitely going at least 80, that much i know for sure. She definitely would prefer a little more distance from the COB's P1000698.JPG
    P1000700.JPG P1000701.JPG
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    Terrapin2 Well-Known Member

    looking forward to the finish. 80 days yesssssssss!!!
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    Jp.the.pope Well-Known Member

    Def dropping a few designer og again. Really excited for a lady this run. But out of the other torn....but leaning towards duct tape.

    Seeing if I can't replace my gg4 if it's better than the Mom :bigjoint:

    Anybody ran kings stash or duct tape?


    Lightgreen2k Well-Known Member

    Nice. I want to see what the designers bring you myself.

    For months I have been wanting to start these, but I had some other things to get to prior to this.

    6hrs in paper towels so far

    Jp.the.pope Well-Known Member

    I popped 4 last round. All males. Couple I thought were phenomenal :)

    Bought a second pack just in case it takes a few to get a pk leaner

    BMWEATER Well-Known Member

    Oregon Lemons Day 33

    Light on the smell, leaning towards LemonHeads Candy and a bit of Earthy OG. Soil Grow


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    eastcoastled Well-Known Member

    Lemonheads at day 70 exactly. Not sure how i fucked up the day count last post....think i was counting 8 days in a week lol. Double checked the calendar, and this bitch was flipped on 4/29. Finally starting to pack on some frost, and with all those white hairs, pretty sure she will go at least 80. P1000713.JPG
    donkey dicks everywhere
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    tstick Well-Known Member

    It seems The Docta doesn't mesh very well with the internet. I don't know why he was the one to sign up an account....should have been one of the other guys who works there -because they were all nice dudes who seemed anxious to help out. I can't say much about the seeds I bought from them because the last run, everything from Archive turned out to be males....shit happens...not a big deal...I'll try popping a few again this run and see if I get a girl or two.

    But yeah, The Docta should be replaced with a more personable representative around here so he can stick to doing what he does best!


    Odin* Well-Known Member

    Haven't popped them yet, but I'll have my "King's Stash" finished before the years up. Have "Scooby Snacks" veggin' now.

    I'm sure that the duct tape is solid, but I wouldn't bank on it surpassing GG4 (unless it's a "mediocre" cut).

    Jp.the.pope Well-Known Member

    My gg4 is just fine. I was hoping the dosi might add a little something something.

    Maybe I'll drop my kings instead. Got a few days to decide :)
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