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    Designer Og... all have shown sex..

    Jp.the.pope Well-Known Member

    2 ish weeks from seed.

    Left side kings stash.

    Right side designer og.


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    Hello everyone!

    Small tester continuation under 55Watt P-PL

    PoochieLove1 CodeBlue1 CodeBlue2 PoochieLove2
    PoochieLove1 CodeBlue1 CodeBlue2 PoochieLove2

    CodeBlue1 Stinky Headbud
    Stinkys plant I have ever smelled, my keeper!

    CodeBlue2 Headbud
    weak odor

    Most resin, stinky too

    Left: PoochieLove 1 Sativa Pheno topped in weak2 12/12
    Middle: CodeBlue1
    Right: CodeBlue2

    Next: 400w and 600w tent, Im exited!

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    @3z0r nice pics.

    To everyone else, I hate to drag a dead horse through the mud especially with the past 2 pages looking good and getting back on track... However I see both sides of the whole drama thats cluttered up this thread... I mean, I came to check out pics and reviews and such and for the first 10 pages shit was going cool and then bam!

    I just spent the past 4 hours getting baked AF and reading all 61 pages and laughing the whole time...

    I understand everyones POV, and please try to open your minds. I dont speak for anyone this my opinion living in the same state as Archive... About the same time everybody is complaining about a lack of pics, proof, reports, etc.... Here in the state we were also dealing with becoming recreational (I didnt see ANY mention of that fact). The state kept changing laws and rules and what counties could and couldnt grow... Growers and dispensaries and extractors and breeders were dropping like flies with laws changing every other week and each business trying to stay afloat ALOT of local businesses didnt make it! The ones that did make it were forced with finding locations that were within the guidelines when "guidelines" were constantly frustratingly changing... Forcing even more in the local industry to be put out of business and work... It was NOT cheap for Archive to be a business I am guessing let alone stay strong among the others falling all around.
    People from what ive seen over the years love the gear, and were happy to pay the price and try to understand now Archive has to pay more to be in the market and produce what you love... With the increase of pricing in licenses and testing and people trying to over charge anyone trying to rent a space that fits the local laws to make a buck off our industry because its the "GREEN RUSH"... Now imagine out of all the local "no name" dispensaries and seed companies you have a popular company like "Archive" locally... Anywhere you go they are going to charge you top dollar even more so because you are established and popular and KNOW you need a space... That alone could be frustrating. Add all the above mentioned frequent law changes and fees on top of fees. Now its going to cost Archive more=its going to cost you more.
    They dont give freeby testers....? I believe what Doc is saying is when you hand a bunch of growers your gear to test its all these different opinions on things not necessarily direct from the breeders mouth or experience so he likes to be the one to "TEST" everything personally. From what I have seen when other places like DVG, etc have handed out "testers", you get EVERY Joe Blow asking to test and as soon as they get the testers I would say about 90% of those people stick the tester packs in the "seed collection" just to be the cool kid that has the new cross before everybody else and RARELY the shit gets grown out and "tested" which I can personally understand why as a breeder you would want to be the only one running tests. If you want something done right you HAVE to do it for yourself...

    Maybe a lack of testing in YOUR eyes is in REALITY a lack of "POSTING" because although you guys are all the coolest customers ever and would love some budporn sometimes business comes first, and I know, this is all a part of THIS business. Maybe his local state business and licensing was taking up time and could make anyone be perceived as a dick or irritable when you are trying to mentally handle a hundred things at once on top of it all. Most growers and breeders ARE assholes thats why we usually stay away from many other places than our gardens. I have seen all this same shit happen with Rare Dankness and a couple others and at the end of the day most of the drama is lack of photos and lack of proper communication....
    Maybe theres no pictures of the tests because its not for your eyes? Maybe close friends that would rather not be mentioned tested it? Who the fuck knows LMFAO!!!!
    But think of this with your open minds as well, here in Oregon there are HUNDREDS of cannabis farms, tests could have been grown on large scale for all you or me know...
    Just last night I looked up the hashtag #PurpleHinduKush on IG and atleast 25 bigger farms in Southern Oregon are growing that strain.... Now imagine how many farms would grow ARCHIVES strains over PHK as far as supply and demand go globally let alone locally, and RECREATIONALLY. I am pretty sure if Dosidos is popular globally at the moment,the demand is even higher with recreational market as everybody wants the cool shit thats out. And Archive is local. I guarantee you ALOT of farms tested his gear.
    Besides testing at a lab for quality and numbers it had to be tested some way. Its in EVERY dispensary in Oregon damn near... I think if it grew shitty how did it end up on local shelfs dried and cured? These farms are top dollar with large private investors in some instances they wouldnt waste time and money growing anything that would harm their profit or the tax that the state expects!
    I seen the same thing with RD everybody accused Scott lack of tests but they kept saying its in dispensaries everywhere and nobody gave two shits its like we all have to see it or it didnt exist... Nobody is allowed a secret sauce anymore everybody wants the recipe then bitch about it without cooking it or trying it...
    Im sure in time each strain will have tons of info and pics but sometimes BIGGER shit comes first.
    As far as price goes if its the hottest thing out $200 is small to the return...
    Like anything you either pay for what you want or STFU and pay for what you can afford.... Seems a small investment overall. If you didnt have the tools for the job somebody else gets the work, and you have to pay for the work and skills and the tools or "cuts" you DONT HAVE... Nobody was crying in LA paying $8000 for a pound of OG or $5000 in the bay for Granddaddy Purp.... You gotta pay to play. When GSC came out fools were paying $5000-10000 for unverified cuts but you complainin about $200 for the real deal from the creator himself and cryin and bitchin at him I see both sides but you should be lucky hes even here though... All those "humble" breeders everyones talkin about half of them dont even go on forums and in another forum someone said they are humble and just wouldnt respond like Doc or Scott or Swerve but that dont mean shit maybe they just dont give a shit to care enough to post or respond??
    Its been said Scott burnt Doc and created his whole line and won awards with Docs cuts... It seems thus far everybody digs the dank quality of Archive... It was mentioned the Faceoff was nothing more than a lucky 6 seed find in bagseed yet everybody was willing to pay $100 now the breeder said he spent cash on the OGKB cut in order to possess and work with her that right there is enough to bump the price to double!! You arent just paying for any ole seeds if thats the case youd go anywhere for anything... You are paying for his work, his time and effort and most important his genetics... Plus its breed with other clone only strains people know and love...
    If you dont like you no buy lol!!

    And fuck the drama Im just trying to open your minds a little bit its not just seeds and pics... Life happens too sometimes.....
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    The same cats whining about $200 is the same ones that stay posting $700-800 glass pieces on IG and $200+ for all them wack ass Jordans they never wear but once then try to flip for twice as much YEAH I SEE YOU BWOIIIIII HAHAHAHA
    BTW Oregon is taxing every seed pack so you gotta get that ass taxed too lol...
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    You read 61 pages, and LOL then type a book.
    You may care far too much.

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    Thanks for the update doctor didn't realize there still aren't even basic descriptions or pictures that were promised due to the same reason stated. Back to the Ace forum and bodhi thread.
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    $200 for a pack of seeds? Ridiculous.
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    I found seeds in all plants. I have searched every day for nanners. I think the nanners grew deep inside the bud and the picture with the herm question was seed devolopment. The plant got red hairs @ day 25. The plant nr. 1 has little seeds and the 4 a few only. The ventilador blew vom plant 4 to 1. Now im hoping that the 400W test run, without stress, grow without seeds.
    Plant 3 got red airs @ day 50 and the smell ease up. Plant 4 had very weak odor from start.
    The plants had a energy blackout, heat stress, over und under fertilization and underwatering.
    Plant 1 looks like the stablest one.

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    Dosidos in week 4


    ray098 Well-Known Member

    I got #23 as a freebie a few weeks ago how did they turn out
    kona gold

    kona gold Well-Known Member

    My code blue had insane resin production, but no smell or taste really.
    How can that be with two such stinkers of a similar stink?
    higher self

    higher self Well-Known Member

    Havent ran them yet. Only one I know who popped those was @killAgreenguy I believe.
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    I wrote "Plant 3 got red airs @ day 50 and the smell ease up. Plant 4 had very weak odor from start." That is wrong, I mean "Plant 2 got red airs @ day 50 and the smell ease up. Plant 3 had very weak odor from start.
    Plant 2+3 CodeBlue, Plant 1+4 PoochieLove.

    Plant 3, is the pheno that you are describe. No smell (very weak lemon/og smell) and very good resin production. But I think my one is a hermie. Now Im testing @ 400W, couldn't see any nanners @ 55W grow, but a lot auf seeds after harvest.
    Plant 2, CodeBlue too, had a completely other smell and I can wash my hands 2 times and still smell it. My favourite smell at all! Cant describe the smell, I think its the "ammonia skunky phenotype" of the archive seeds code blue description.
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    That Dosidos keeps impressing, visually she is perfect, smell is so strong! Can't wait to finish her up and run it again

    Here she is in week 5


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    Sour Face!
    Sour Diesel X Face Off OG bx1
    Popped 24 seeds and all but one made it. Of the 23 that lived, 8 were female. Most phenos had an offensive kushy stank. All were grown in organic soil with DEM teas.
    One plant, #6, is still growing and will go about 10 weeks, but it has a weak kushy smell. Not my favorite.
    One plant, #22, finished in 8 weeks and is shown below already dried. Super sticky and tastes like OG
    These three, #17, #15, and #14, all turned out very similarly. 9 week finishers with strong kushy smells.[​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Another pheno here, #10, exhibits a nice mix of OG and sour smell. 9 week finisher.[​IMG]
    My second favorite, #12, has a seductively strong sour smell with a soft undertone of kush. 9 week finisher.[​IMG]
    Lastly, #9. My favorite. I've never smelled anything this good. Short and stout, but a good producer with almost no stretch in flower. Orgasmic lemon candy. [​IMG]
    Super excited for these to dry up and cure so I can get them all tested. I'm keeping a single cut of each of them, except #12 and #9, each of which I took 12 clones of. I love those sour dominant phenos. Very satisfied with these plants from Archive, would highly recommend to a friend. Will post more pics once all these are dry.

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    Hello, news @ the dogshit & catpiss front
    HomeBox L - 400W Philips Greenpower - AAW - Nutriculture Ebb Flow
    Day 17 12/12
    1x CodeBlue1
    Seedsmother 6 month old
    (Above screens from 55W tester with same clones)

    Now I'm a little bit afraid of the results, because of the seeds @ 55W tester
    I think the seeds came from CodeBlue2, it was the ffirst with signs and red pistils.
    I keep a eye on it.

    Need Help!
    I'm not sure if I found the first signs @ these 400W grow.

    CodeBlue2 develope very little bright balls in the headbud and some sidebuds @day 14. I can't find some in the lower flower.
    @ Day16 I found the same little bright development @ PoochieLove2
    It's only IN the flower, not on sterm or branches.
    CodeBlue1 has NO bright balls, I can see pistles only.
    Is this a sign of hermie or indica buddevelopment?

    I couldn't get a better picture with 400W :(

    CodeBlue2 bright ball, there are 2-3 per flower

    BMWEATER Well-Known Member

    20 days from chop, purple coming in. Dosidos soil grown under a $65 led...




    SensiPuff Well-Known Member

    I noticed he dropped a couple different dosidos labeled with dif numbers. I think there was 3 of them? Which did you get?
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    BMWEATER Well-Known Member

    I was told it was the NorCal Imag Cut. Based on that it's the original Dosidos that was released in 2015 and selected by NorCal and sold as a clone in early 2015
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