Are medicinal/rec users allowed to drive vehicles in legalized states?

DUI in the state of Michigan. Big costly ordeal. And many folks should not drive. Especially stoned.

I agree. Idiots on the road are scary enough. I used to be the person that used to think DUI laws where stupid because ive been smoking and flying/drinking and driving since I had a permit at 15 and do 100% fine. Ive been stopped by cops many times while heavily buzzed. As I got older I realized I am the exception and not the rule. And the laws make perfect sense.. When someone has piss poor judgement already. Its a bad idea to impair it more


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No, in California, but with the basic medical card you can transport up to a 1/4lb...
Not a good answer to your question, just some info... doesn’t specify whether you ingested the 1/4lb. or not...