Automatic watering system for coco

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My current setup.
3 gallon/min @65# 12V RV pump
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The grow I moved the hardware from the rez and put it on a separate stand, Pump and manifold. Did this so I could add the lid to the rez.
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8 port Orbit distribution manifold.
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Here are the emitters I am using, Rainbird adjustable. The blue mark indicates the quick disconnect used to remove the plants from the tent.
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I am sure this system would support two Orbit 8 port manifolds and possibly three manifolds. I ran a 24 plant scrog, in my signature, where I had a 1.2 gallon/min @ 80#, and three manifolds, that did not give me enough volume. I had to change from the Rainbird emitters to a drip system that worked OK, not near as nice as this current setup.
Three Orbit 8 port manifolds.
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Two gallon an hour drippers, split with a "T"
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If I had the new 3 g/m pump I believe I would of had the volume to run the Rainbird emitters.

Hope this helps there buddy, good luck on whatever you decide to try.
I've been looking for some kind of quick connect like you're using on the 1/4" line. Happen to have a link?

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Well-Known Member, they have 1/4" Red Super-Flex Tubing that is what I am using. Very good flex and have not experienced any kinking.
I found this and this on their site - perfecto!

I'll order a few of each and see what I like best.


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I found this and this on their site - perfecto!

I'll order a few of each and see what I like best.
I just use the Blumat Quick Connect 1/4" x 1/4" , don't use the one with the stop, never have.
I mainly use the QC when I am growing on my vertical screens, that way I can remove the individual plants from the tent.

One of my vertical grows.
The group of 5 in the tent.
20200101_121754 (2).jpg

The 5 ladies out of the tent.
20200304_140945 (3).jpg

Single plant of the 5.
Just a couple of days before harvest.
20200307_090757 (3).jpg

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I'm flowering 8 atm but it's normally only 4,
The reservoir...
That tops up this feed bucket that stays in the tent under the canopy.
The stop cock lets it refills as used, you can also see the pump it's connected to this manifold and a line/tube to each pot with a cross on to divide the flow.
Excuse the mess you've caught me in the middle of cropping lol

Edit... I forgot the run off.
I set my trays with a slight slope and a slight bit left/right so it runs to the corner, the capillary mating then delivers it to the jug ready for me to empty in the morning.

I've got basins under my trays to give them 4" height otherwise the capillary wouldn't work, loosely speaking it's no different to siphoning.
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