Best autoflower strains and websites


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Thanks, Frank! I was hoping to see you on here! We've got an exciting lineup this year. More Jack auto exquisite hybrids, an Iranian blueberry auto, or former Blitzioid married to Jack/WW, and espec. happy about the Auto CBD hybrids.....great for making balm,s, salves.

As some of you may know, we take an ecologic/environment slant bestowing veggie and flower seeds to keep the bees, butterflies, hummingbirds, our natural pollinators busy and healthy. And help with food insecurity in the USA and Canada.

Will it ever be spring? Yes, grasshoppah, patience!



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What can you tell me about Anodyne, other than the description posted on GLG.
Thank you
Sure thing, Tiflis- ANODYNE (meaning pain killing, pain relief) is a photoperiod that has ample and shared ~1:1 CBD:thc.
A Harlequin/Sunshine Day Dream x Sour Tsunami hybrid
Two powerful high CBD strains with clear headed high. It’s not your average high CBD strain. Crossing both created an outstanding medicine, needing pain relief with an inspiring positive effect. Grows large with abundant branching. ~68 days flowering.

It's good for not doing much or helping with pain relief (nice as a tincture, too!) and soaking up relief caused by pain, insomnia, PTSD. Have a few customers that like its properties due to secondary progressive MS. And those with chronic pain, they request Critical Moment, ANODYNE. and now from the Medical Cannabis certification, peers like our NUMBSKULL, GAS& GUNS, Blueberry Jar (similar to Blue Dream). For mood, they go for Detonator, Pixie Styx, Azure Rocket, Tokarev T-3 and our 2 Ruswsian auto hybrids. ALL are great. It just depends on what you are seeking.

Other's (photoperiods) we've developed are 4:1 (best for medicinal use). Have a Mexican / Afghan hybrid crossed with ANODYNE, or our CRITICAL MOMENT, a 1:1 (Use that daily for chronic pain and day time use, I use our auto NUMBSKULL.

Due to logistics, we're not on GLG anymore. There may be some photoperiods left on GLG, but none of our steadfast auto strains or our new hybrids. Doing a thriving business, all the same!


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My ethos Plutos cut and OG kush autos are just about finished and so far look to be very high quality. Buds are large and very dense,,covered in frost and smell amazing. Grew 2 of each and they are near identical to their respective sisters. Seem very stable.
Do you have any photos of the finished product? Growing this strain at the moment and would love to see what I've got to look forward to


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I only grew one dinafem auto, it was white widow XXL, the worst auto i have ever grown, small, fluffy, not potent etc. just all around crappiest thing you can imagine. Okay it was slightly bigger than the old school low ryder #1, but i preferred even low ryder #1 in every way

My fastbuds experience has been that 0 out of 3 cream cookie seeds did not pop(it was winter and i might had let some too cool breeze on them, so i dunno hose fault it was really). 2/3 LSD25 auto were hermies, third seed i didnt grow because fuck hermies. I also grew one crystal meth auto from them and it was good quality bud, but the plant was pretty small(good if you like small plants) and in the end it started putting out few male flowers, but they did not have time to seed it. If i remember right i cut it down like a week earlier than i wanted to, because of male flowers popping up and i didnt want to seed all my plants.

I do see fastbuds genetics making good buds, but there are tons of other problems clearly. Im not going to risk it with them anymore and i think i should just eat that remaining lsd25 seed to put it to at least some good use..
I'll concur on widow XXL being trash. Critical jack auto was pretty good and critical 2.0+ auto was surprisingly good with yield and potency. It definetly is a little prone to mold though so you gotta watch that RH%