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    Impman Well-Known Member

    Costco online. they have a great deal on grow tent, hydro set with LED

    Vasile_haiduc Member

    hello , friends , I am noob to this so... I wish te get started but I have a few questions for you guys , I'm from europe and I wish to buy echipment for a first grow. I don't like amazon beacause it is very expensiv for europe ... for an order like 1000 euro they double it for my country to deliver. That's way I wish if anyone could tell me some good sites of online grow in europe, please

    EarthBoxConnoisseur Active Member

    DONT go to hydro galaxy. I bought an item from their site and they emailed me and told me they they could no longer get it because the manufacturer discontinued it, after a couple emails of them trying to sell me on an exchange, they finally agreed to give me a refund. It took over TWO WEEKS

    Cannacat Well-Known Member

    I'm in the UK and need a 600w for flowering and I'm very poor! That is the limit of my knowledge on the subject. Please help.:eyesmoke:

    Nah seriously, cheapest place for lights in UK? I've got a 2 lamp t5 on the girls right now, 11 plants, my OH has sorted another light that's coming later, not sure if it's 400 or 600, so I need one more.
    Any help would be gratefully received. Chong on :bigjoint:
    dimitar mitev

    dimitar mitev New Member

    Here is one site for good seeds. And i think they are not very expensive.i am also from europe and this is nice offer for me.
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    PerfectGrower Well-Known Member

    Perfect Grower. We take anonymous payment through money order's too :)

    David8008 New Member

    That fan deal doesn't sound bad... I've been using a no name brand I got at hone depot. 6in in line fan cost me 36 bucks. Been using it for 3 years and still nice and quite.. let me see if I can find the link... I been looking into a new fan, a bigger fan, for a new room I'm building so im def going to hit up

    Doogan Well-Known Member

    Best prices anywhere...and... THEY PRICE MATCH!!!

    A simple corrugated cardboard box can significantly reduce your fan noise.
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    St1kybudz Well-Known Member

    I'd love to get the link to your thread on poppy cultivation I got seeds and can't get em to start

    St1kybudz Well-Known Member

    Amazon is were I get all my grow shit nutes half off tents 200 dollars cheaper lights at almost the best deal kits for 170
    Ecosunlite CREE LED

    Ecosunlite CREE LED Well-Known Member


    St1kybudz Well-Known Member

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    Uberknot Well-Known Member

    Most of the time the same stuff on all the grow sites can be had with free shipping for less on ebay or's all shipping from the same places a lot of times. Some hydro sites have specials and such at times that might give you are deal there as well. I have been searching everything for the last 3 weeks pricing.
    Ecosunlite CREE LED

    Ecosunlite CREE LED Well-Known Member


    Uberknot Well-Known Member

    ohh.... I just found a good deal on some nice activated carbon!

    There's a $10 new customer coupon and I bought 15 lbs of Marineland premium activated carbon for $4.50 a lb :P

    Free shipping too!!!

    Spend about an hour searching for the best deal I could find.

    Uberknot Well-Known Member

    Why are you linking facebook to that address?

    Click goes to facebook....the says it needs to go to that address.

    Trying to get names? I mean I don't get it.

    Websearch I get nothing there showing up with that sites name.

    Maybe I am paranoid, but I don't trust

    edit............ nice someone got rid of that.
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    Ecosunlite CREE LED

    Ecosunlite CREE LED Well-Known Member


    St1kybudz Well-Known Member

    Spyder leds use osram chips and are more powerful than double ended hps for prob 500 more than ur cob
    Big smo

    Big smo Well-Known Member

    After 2 weeks my kind led burned out and were damaged in return shipping. Kind wouldn't fix them or give me a refund but the guys at growers house felt bad enough to refund me minute 20% restocking. 20% sucks but they took back Broken lights that were now dented to shit. image.jpeg
    You might save 10 bucks somewhere else but it's well made up in customer service trust me.
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    Big smo

    Big smo Well-Known Member

    At what efficiency? I don't think you can beat a top bin 3590

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