Blueberry Cheese and SF-Quantumboard


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Repost: Growdiaries of Spider Farmer SF 2000

Autoflower from Zambeza

They will be in a 60x120x180 cm Tent
Lights are the Spiderfarmer SF-2000

They will grow in 11l/15l Smartpots filled with my Soilmix
and Living Organics
I will feed them With the Fluid Organic FertiliserLine from Green Buzz Liquids
Starrting with foliar Feeding of Humic Acid PLus and GROWZYME
which is a new Product of Green Buzz

#1 Appenzeller
#2 Brie
#3 Cambembert
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I see your newer models come with a dimmer and are able to be daisy chained together. Does the RJ45 cable come with the light?


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Oh ok so its just for dimming multiple fixtures. I was wondering how the rj45 cable would supply power to the light haha. Thanks
If it's daisy chain, the limit of wattage is strict might below 1000W.
But Multi-connect, you can connect 20-30 lights together.