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    BobBitchen Well-Known Member

    I'v been lurking & learning here for a little over three years now, I was lucky enough to stumble into some great threads, club 600, Breeders Boutique, & a few others, very talented growers & cool people, thanks all :p.
    I'm enjoying the growing experience very much ( fucking addicted!) and thought Id start a thread of my small set up, I love learning more about this plant & growing, so all comments welcome.

    thx for commin by


    chuck estevez

    chuck estevez Well-Known Member

    sounds bitchen Bob, but where are the pics?
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    BobBitchen Well-Known Member

    Here is my set up now:

    3 x 3 400hps 4 x 4 600 hps
    IMG_2671.JPG IMG_2673.JPG
    3 x 3 scrog,
    first attempt at a scrog, kinda messy 3wks Dinafem's Dinachem IMG_2679.JPG

    group shot of 4 x 4

    LaCon (fmly cuy) on lft
    Escobar s33ds - Chocolate Rain in center
    Breeders Boutique freebies - Fireballs on rt
    Dinafem - Power Kush & Dinachem in back & corners

    all but CR are coming down within the next 2wks


    2.5 x 2.5 veg tent 2 - 1' x 2 ' T-5's

    Fireballs clones on lft LaCon clones rt
    bud pr0n before cut :eyesmoke:

    Fireballs1 & 2
    IMG_2643_2.jpg :eyesmoke:

    I use drain to waste on tables, in cloth pots
    Pro mix,
    I am now using Jacks all purpose, & Maxsea bloom
    only additives Pro tekT

    BobBitchen Well-Known Member

    ADD & edible setting in
    thats all I got for now..

    GroErr Well-Known Member

    Nice setup bob, looking forward to updates on your grow(s) and welcome to addicted growers anonymous, where nobody wants to get cured ;) Cheers

    BobBitchen Well-Known Member

    I want to run the Fireballs I have in a sog next for sure & want to learn/explore vert soon.
    The clones I have now, have some growing befor I can get enough healthy cuts.
    I was lucky enough to get a nice clone of LaCon & just finishing it up, I have a couple of
    sml moms of it, I took some cuts to fill in after chop in a couple of wks week.. IMG_2686.JPG IMG_2688.JPG


    BobBitchen Well-Known Member


    glad ya came by :bigjoint:
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    BobBitchen Well-Known Member

    I could use some pointers on scrog'ing
    This is my first. I read a bunch of treads & watched a few scrog grows the last year or so.

    Its in a 3 x3 tent, 400 hps, 4 dinachems in 2gal cloth pots, pro mix
    I started out just going to veg & flip with no training & 1/2 way into veg added the net & went for a scrog.
    I tucked a few, I tied a few, bent a few, pinched a few, I want to see for myself how each works out.
    Is the uneven canopy OK
    Also, Im not a big leaf plucker, I do cut sucker branches after stretch usually, and I understand no point in buds below canopy and air flow,but do I need to remove fans under net? Won't the plant use it & shed if left alone ?

    IMG_2674.JPG IMG_2678.JPG IMG_2679.JPG

    GroErr Well-Known Member

    Looking good for a first scrog, never done one, will probably though at some point and will follow along for some learnings. I'm on the leave the leaves side to a point. If they're not healthy they'll die off, or damaged like burn or something and probably not doing much good, I'll pluck those as I go along. As they progress through the cycle they thin themselves out that way anyhow. Other than that healthy leaves get tucked/bent if they're blocking light and add fans if the airflow isn't cutting it.

    giggles26 Well-Known Member

    I chop everything below the screen bob to force all energy up.

    Those fan leaves aren't doing any good below the screen because come mid flower you won't be able to see them anyways.
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    BobBitchen Well-Known Member

    tnx Giggs
    I thought more light would get thru
    but looking tonight at lights on
    I can see it's a little dense
    I'll clean up a bit this week

    BobBitchen Well-Known Member

    Seems all my Chocolate Rain decided to be boys :sad:

    BobBitchen Well-Known Member

    wake & bake with 84 〫 @ 6am
    and Engineers Dream spliff

    Sativied Well-Known Member

    Sorry to hear about the bad luck man.

    I agree with giggles on shaving the legs on scrogged plants. Think of a scrog as a means to get a SoG but with less plants. The resulting SoG starts "above" the screen. I don't scrog anymore but used to leave some large fans on as reserves and for diagnostics (e.g. spot nutrient defs).
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    GroErr Well-Known Member

    Damn, shit happens, last round I had 5 plants going in and pulled 3 males :( I had the tent available and ran one male to collect pollen so not a total loss, but if you don't have the option it sucks.

    BobBitchen Well-Known Member

    tnx Sativiad
    I cleaned up some under screen

    "leave some large fans on as reserves and for diagnostics (e.g. spot nutrient defs)."
    this was my thinking also, I'll throw some pix up tonight @ lights on
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    BobBitchen Well-Known Member

    5 for 5 males on CR

    I want to try some pollen chucking.
    I have very limited room to isolate males
    & am scared that I'll s33d everything lol

    Though now that all CR are male, & everything in my 4 x 4 are about to come down,I guess I can throw all veg plants from my 2.5 x 2.5 into 4 x 4 under 600MH
    And put a CR in 2.5 x 2.5 for pollen collection

    Any help on Male isolation/ growing-out/pollen collection/ tips would be appricated
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    giggles26 Well-Known Member

    Bob males don't need much room, you could build a lil box to house them in with an LED or small t5 will work.

    You can easily seed 1 plant at a time or even just a branch at a time with using a bag method. Take the girl you want to pollinate with said jizz out of the room and get a small paint brush for the pollen chucking and then take a trash bag and place it over the branch you want seeds and rub the pollen over the pistils, it doesn't take much, once it all has settled pull the bag off and keep her out for a bit to make sure no pollen travels. Don't forget to turn off fans!! And wala you have seeds.

    Oh I like to pollinate around week 3-4 to make sure the seeds fully mature.

    If you have any other questions feel free to ask bro!

    GroErr Well-Known Member

    You're in a risky setup with those tents side-by-side, pretty well impossible to control pollen flow in your current setup. That stuff flies and travels, you'd likely pollenate the other tent with them being so close together. Any chance you can do a temp move/setup for the male flowering? If they're showing flowers now, you'll only need 2-3 weeks to get them to the point of collection. Males typically will flower fast but that 2-3 weeks is critical that you keep the pollen under control.

    As far as collection, there are as many methods as there are people in here flowering males. I wait for them to be ripe and keep the fans low and away from direct airflow as much as possible. You're not worried about the long term health of the plant, you just need to get them to the state where they mature and collect the pollen so it's not a big deal worrying about mold or the like with low airflow. When they're mature enough for the sacs to start opening, I shut off the fans altogether until I get a chance to collect. I've been cutting off the most mature/ready male tops, easy does it and careful here as the pollen will fly if you bump them at all. I cut the tops and let them fall straight into a large freezer bag. Once I'm done with that, I take them where I don't have to worry about loose pollen flying around, usually the garage. Then shake/break the sacs and let the pollen drop to the bottom of the bag, I usually get some small plant matter mixed in but I don't worry about leaving a little in there. Once that's done, I mix in flour with the pollen, about a 5:1 flour/pollen mix. Leave the bag open so any moisture can escape and throw it in the fridge. Open and shake daily for a few days to release all moisture (flour sucks it up for the most part). After about a week if I'm not ready to pollinate I throw the bag (sealed) into a mason jar filled with rice, then throw that into the freezer. I've successfully pollinated with the bag just in the fridge for a couple of weeks, any longer and I freeze it. Just used some 3 month old frozen pollen and looks like it took, the pollinated JTR branches I'm about to pull are sagging to the floor if not supported, pretty sure they's a ton of seeds on there. Will know for sure in a couple of weeks but I've done 2 other runs in the last 6 months and all generated some nice seeds. Once you've collected pollen you can pull the plants and carefully bag them to dispose of them and keep any remaining pollen from flying around. Cheers, hope you can find a spot to flower out at least one male :)

    Dr.D81 Well-Known Member

    Whats up bud i will have to read the post now;)
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