Bob Bitchen's buds


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Slymer #3 day 68 that a chop @BobBitchen are you at Mammoth send pics.View attachment 5270898View attachment 5270899
Good job Alta :clap:
I haven't been up to Mammoth for a few weeks, nuking snow is tough when car camping, and most of the mountain closes for wind/visibility.
I've been skiing local the last few weeks. A couple of weeks ago , the roads were closed to only mountain residents, but I have a Masters degree in BS, so I was able to make it up for a week of private resort skiing, only a couple hundred people on the two mountains, snow & weather were amazing. Roads are now open to the public, but mid week is still okay.
As for pictures, I don't carry my phone while skiing, nobody I want to talk to while skiing & I don't remember to take pix anyways, the best I can do are pix before & parking lot party's after...
This is the year you need to pick up @DarkWeb for a road trip to Mammoth, spring skiing will be spectacular !!!!


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Chicken dinners are doing well. I didn't have space to do as many as I wanted. Chaka Khan will have to wait but I did manage to germinate 4 chicken dinners. I murdered one the others survived.View attachment 5297034
The right one is female not sure about the other two.:peace:
My Chicken Dinner is the stickiest and smelliest plant on my table. I have two clones of her too. Yours look lush, nicely done.