buying "certified" seeds for legal CBD cultivation


Well-Known Member something like this? or a site whom I trust? those in the link are the only lawful cultivar usable in europe, the CBD fem seeds for sale are fine but not exatly cheap or 100% under 0.5thc or expressly autorized.
this might change a little from country to country and I know in detail only how the rules are over here where I live
This is a list of EU certified varieties. Finding someone who sells the seeds is very difficult and seems to be a lot of shadyness meanwhile in the States it's totally transparent. Hoping to be directed to a trustworthy person.


I'm researching the legal requirements in Maine for growing hemp for CBD commercially.

It sounds like they want to see some sort of paper documentation that the seeds are certified to be under the legal THC limit of 0.3%.

So does that mean I can't use my Cherry Wine seeds from Greenpoint? I don't see anything on their website that says anything about THC percentage or testing.


Here's the actual language from the Maine state website:
Im applying this week for a growers license here in SC. Praying I get it but I’ve been told that SC is very strict on who gets licensed. But I’m trying anyway lol. I’m only wanting to do small batch indoor grows for flower, I’d do some oils and tinctures after I got things going good. I’m not looking to make a living off of growing, I really just live growing cannabis and breeding. I do know of a few seed vendors with COA’s though. One company is called Taproot and they sell sample packs that are 20 seeds for $60 and larger orders also. Their Orange Glaze strain was a huge success in 2020, smells and tastes like Krispy Kreme doughnut glaze with a bit if orange. Anyone that grows indoor Orange Glaze can’t keep it on stock bc it sells so fast. Their Cherry Chocolate Chip has sold well also. High Alpine Genetics has some top notch strains also. His site only has some of his newer projects for sale in packs of 100 and 500 but you can buy pretty much any of his strains at, there’s actually some some of his strains on sale for $20 a pack on there too. Hoku Seed has a ton of awesome strains, CBD and CBG. I think someone has already mentioned Trilogene and Liquid Mellow but they both have a solid lineup and are certified also. Here’s a couple more vendors with great genetics but I’m not sure if they have COA’s and certification but I’d think of you asked them they’d have the paperwork you needed, Blue Forest Farms, JAK Farms, Hill Family Genetics, Forest Grown Collective, Golden Eagle Farms, Heritage CBD, Canvast Supply Co and Beacon Hemp.


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Just wanted to post an update. Found a great seedbank after a lot of research: United American Hemp. I ended up buying some unfeminized Cherry Wine seeds from them, shipping today (will report back with germination results).

One thing is clear--it's a total Wild West out there right now and a lot of shady operators as someone noted earlier in this thread. These guys stood head and shoulders above all the other seedbanks I talked to, both in terms of quality information on their website, responsiveness, friendliness, and total honesty and transparency about their practices. They really seem to understand genetics well and are very conscientious and thorough in how they go about their business. Have to reserve final judgement until I get these seeds sprouted but I'm 99% confident they'll be fine.

Prices were extremely reasonable also and they were fine with a smaller order (most of the hemp seedbanks won't even talk to you unless you're ready to order at least several hundred dollars worth of seeds).

Highly recommended.