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    althor Well-Known Member

    Agree 100%. I have grown both Tahoe and Buddha and I love the Buddha, but I have gotten some nice Tahoes as well.
    About to be popping the CC Louis XIII. I am very excited about it.
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    althor Well-Known Member

    Decent for OG. It still isnt a heavy yielder.
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    We Can Make Sandwiches

    We Can Make Sandwiches Well-Known Member

    Id love to see some updates on your Louis XIII as it progresses. I got one for free recently from attitude/choice. I'm glad I have a single go at her.
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    kgp Well-Known Member

    Typical og yeild. Top early every three nodes and let her stretch in flower. Prune most lower sites so that you have a canapy. Moderate yields.
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    horribleherk Well-Known Member

    i always number my clones to the parent plant it only takes one winner from a pack to make me happy
    v.s one

    v.s one Well-Known Member

    They should make this post a sticky or when people search O. G this comes up.
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    littlegiant Well-Known Member

    I did the freebie Buddha Tahoe way back. Still think about how awesome it was and pissed I didn't clone.
    Super stoned right now. Grape Kush. No complaints here at all! Recent Tude freebie.
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    Tw BuLLY

    Tw BuLLY Well-Known Member

    How did the chem 91 turn out? Smoke nice ? Any bud pics? Just germed a few:) with few more chems:)
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    Tw BuLLY

    Tw BuLLY Well-Known Member

    I'm doing five x chem 91 from Cali con day 37 since I flipped 12/12 all are very nice, I got a few phenos some skunk, grease,oil, some more sour lemon fuel but all very Sharpe n funky smells, looking forward harvesting these:)

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