Can you help?


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Hi everyone I'm sorry to be on this part of the site simply because it means someone I love is in trouble!

My mum has been diagnosed with Gord or Barrattes disease this is caused by acid reflux and indigestion so please please don't ignore these systems it isn't a trivial discomfort as portrayed in the TV adverts it is a silent killer and is often found too late due to lack of symptoms other than indigestion

So can you help me I'm off work recovering from an accident so unfortunately we are struggling financially, I did manage to buy some cheap seeds 6 in all but none of them cracked i don't know why but I now have no seed's so if anyone out there happens to have any spare seed's they could let me have we would be very grateful.

I hope to make cannabis oil for my mum to help with the cancer and also she has massive moles on her back as big as ten pence piece and apparently the oil can get rid off these

Best wishes to you all Conni