Canada growers thread


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How diverse would you say the phenos are in a given 12 pack? I've got some wedding cake crush, strawberry crush, and gods poision I'm looking to start in the near future.
In some posts I have made in the Jordan of the Islands thread (previously linked) I give some stats on height variation. Smells starting to come on nicely.
Here's a few phenos of Vineyard Select x Monkey Berries made by Canadian seed maker Elite613Genetics. It's called Baboon Wine.View attachment 4958813View attachment 4958814View attachment 4958815
This last one is kinda leafy and a bit of a nitrogen hog but has full-on sour green apples terps. Looking forward to seeing how they hash out.
So I made these test chucks with the best of what I've found over the last couple years and I'm holding all the parents. I need to get them tested out but have limited space. Any fellow Canadians feeling adventurous? DM is always open.View attachment 4959300
If that baboon wine is involved hit me up


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Carls shoes A x Carls shoes
Carls shoes B x Meat Breath
Sherb Breath x Sherb Breath
Meath Breath (ogkb) x Sherb Breath
Crunk Boat x Carls shoes
LA Amnesia x Lemon Slush

All regular seeds
Never heard of Carl but I'm guessing his shoes are stinky?


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Sorry I didn't know that wasn't allowed either.
Figure it being legal in our country in all you would think it would be ok


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Just found out about this thread. New member to the site as well. Figured as a Canadian grower I'd share a couple pics from previous grows. Been growing for pretty well exactly a year now and feel like I'm finally starting to do pretty well. Got nothing in the tent right now, just taking a break for vacation in a week and well start it back up in late August. Got a good handful of Mephisto autos and JOTI regs to pick from.

This one's supposed to be MeatBreath. This was a project to save the plant from a friend. Grown from clone but due to circumstances was neglected for a while and light schedule messed up putting it into flower. Looked about 3 weeks into flower when I got it and nursed it back to health
View attachment 4958060

This was a (DoubleGrape x 3BearOG) x SourBubbly freebie from Mephisto
View attachment 4958064View attachment 4958065

Got a ToofDecay from Mephisto
View attachment 4958067

and lastly a BlakGarlic from JOTI
View attachment 4958069
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