Canna caps first time kief recipies?

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    So I made an earlier post and was told it's better to make canna caps with kief then just using my trim.. I plan on making this tommarrow so all the help I can get is best! First question is it better to use kief than bud I can get kief relatively cheep and was wondering if I should use all kief, or a half and half mixture.. which has more THC when cooking. I am going to be using coconut oil and the sunflower extract for faster absorbsion so I was wondering who has the best recipy for this I'm a newbie so details are best (measurements, time, heat, everything) Thank you for your time and for those inputting and for learning experience for others I will make a step by step post with pictures on how I did it.

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    and Groerr's dry sift recipe....

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