Canna Syrup without a ludicrous ammount of sugar?

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    AsdaCarPark Member

    Hello guys so the title tells most of the story.

    I am wanting to make some simple syrup & yes there are plenty of recipes out there on different websites and i have looked at most of them but they all seem to be the same recipe copied & pasted from the other site with a minor difference in the ingredients.

    One problem i have with most of there recipes is that they use cups which is a US measurement & i am from the UK, this cup concept is foreign to me (pun not intended).

    So when i looked into cups to grams conversions for the sugar used in the recipe, if i am getting this correct 3 cups of sugar which the recipe states will be 600G of sugar and that just seems ridiculous to me.

    If anyone can shed some light onto this subject for me that would be great, is that just the ammount of sugar needed for the thc to bind to it correctly & i am just being abit over the top?

    to put it into perspective slightly, the recipe also states to use 4G of flower & that just seems disproportionate to me.

    chemphlegm Well-Known Member

    if you're not tapping the tree yourself why not pick up a bottle of naturally derived maple syrup and infuse cannabis oil into it? skip the sugar, real maple syrup has plenty of sucrose

    AsdaCarPark Member

    This sounds like a much more appealing idea to me rather than shoving over half a KG of sugar in there, would the process be the same?

    thanks for the reply

    chemphlegm Well-Known Member

    I'd think it would be easier. not sure what it takes
    to get oil to get into the syrup solution, maybe glycerine?

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