Canuk CBG


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I was reading through a Canuk seed catalog and noticed that their CBG variety is listed as having a strong anti-carcinogenic component. It's the first time I've ever seen that in print, but I'm probably behind the times. I had heard that terpenoids were being studied for their anti-cancer effects, but I didn't know cannabinoids were confirmed cancer fighters. Anyone know if it's true or is Canuk trying to sell more seeds? It does make some sense as you don't hear much news about pot smokers dying of lung cancer; at least I haven't. Here's a link and the description.


Canuk CBG is a photoperiod strain that can be grown indoor, outdoor, and in a greenhouse. It is a High CBG strain that has 18-20% CBG with virtually no THC at >0.3%. Canuk CBG has a flowering period of 10-12 weeks indoor and finishes outdoor around the end of October.
CBG has many potential medical properties including a strong anti-carcinogenic component. People with colon cancer, glaucoma and crohn's disease have said to have benefited from CBG that acts also as a potent anti-inflammatory agent.
You can expect Canuk CBG to yield 400-500g/m² indoor and up to 350g/plant outdoor. In the latter stages of flowering Canuk CBG can display purple hues on the flowers. The flowers are extremely resinous thanks to the up to 20% CBG. The terpene profile has hints of tangy limonene and berry mycrene complimenting each other beautifully.