CBD ISOLATE helped me now I need more info! plz help

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    Hey forum!
    Long time grower here new to cancer but trying to kick its ass. Lymph nodes get swollen and Im achey after a long day. I mentioned this to a buddy , One of the guys in my mmj support group and he gave me some pure CBD isolate.

    I want to know more about this stuff. He mentioned it was from american hemp and I smoked some. Instantly I could feel it calm me deep in my bones.... just wondering if anyone knows where to get some?
    Also has anyone else tried this, what is your experience? Any other cancer fighters out there who also find cbd helps with the aches?

    Any info is appreciated

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    Google phytodabs. They sell isolate... I Know there are a few more out there but that's the only legit one i know.
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    I tried CBD e-juice and it helped with pain and hypertension but cannabis e-juice ( qwiso type) worked better. CBD e-juice is great when you need to be out and about
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    High Vaporizewashington

    I'm using CBD juice in an e-cig for my arthritis and it eases the pain but not a huge amount. Better is the coconut oil extract, cocobudder, I made with a CBD rich strain called Sweet Skunk CBD. 12%CBD, 7%THC. Pain relief lasts almost a full day with that. The buzz is milder and feels more like being tipsy on booze than stoned on pot. Quite nice actually. No morning hangover from a big dose the night before either.

    Edibles are the way to go medicinally as you get all the medicine in you whereas smoking it you get less than 10%. Making edible oil extracts with butter, olive or coconut oils is easy and it's easier to tolerate much higher doses if the pot is not activated, (decarbed), prior to or during the extraction and just as effective at fighting the cancer.

    Good luck.

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    I'm not sure that the terpenes will be absorbed by the gut like inhaling will.

    Its true that a large amount of the content is combusted but 10% is a vast overstatement, its just untrue, Some people find it very effective. I definitely would not stress my body by inhibiting my breathing with a smoke while it is contending with cancer most definitely, that may just contribute to the type of environments cancer thrives in (for many reasons).

    I mean the heat from a joint for example vaporizes a lot of the content much before the following flame then combusts the material, That can be deduced by the simple fact that the heat required for combustion is greater than that used by vaporizers.

    I'm not sure about CBD but i know that THC is metabolized to the more potent form 11-Hydroxy-Δ9-tetrahydrocannabinol when ingested. THC has been found to have efficacy in terminating various cancer cells (most recently synthetic THC has been shown to be effective against leukemia cells). For this large doses taken orally may be required for the chance that it may have results.

    Hi VW! I may be preaching to the choir but If i were you i would put myself on mars by consuming edibles and vaporizing a couple of days straight just to see if it helps you the following week.

    Allow me to splice from wikipedia. :)

    Its possible CBD may interact with THC already present in the body that has been built up. BTW, GPR55 has been thought of as the third cannabinoid receptor. CBD Deep in the bones? The caudate nucleus and putamen DO have connections to the spine.

    I would not discount thc on cancer, there is still research coming out confirming its efficacy. I'm just not sure about immune function impact (inflammation does serve a purpose),

    I've done a lot of obsessive reading of the chemical constituents that make up the different varietals of cannabis. The amount of information available about the individual constituents is overwhelming whereas the synergistic affects much more obscure.

    Other constituents such as terpenoids also modulate the cannabinoid system, affect other receptors and include secondary abilities for example limonene can improve absorption of surrounding compounds IIRC.

    A-Pinene is a favorite one of mine,
    The power of breath is highly overlooked, deep breathing can have profound impact! 5 minutes a day at least. I dont know the research well but Oxygenated alkaline environments are not positive for cancerous cells (as proposed to thrive in acidic conditions as induced by sugar, sugar is also found to cause a lot of inflammation). Respiration regulates your body. During the day when you feel the need spend 5 minutes focusing exclusively on deep breath and it will make an enormous difference for you.

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    I get my CBD from greenmountaincbd.com, no I don't work for them. I just haven't found another source that wasn't several times more expensive, these guys believe in what they are doing and are trying to offer this product at a fair price instead of gauging the market. And no, I don't work for them and have no personal interest, just happen to be a disabled veteran that relies on CBD (and THC for that matter) to keep myself from choking random people. Currently growing a 20/1 strain to make my own (Thunderstruck from Sin City Seeds) coconut oil pills. Anyway, if you can find someone selling it for less than $1/20 mg capsule then let me know!

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