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    SheepsBlood Well-Known Member

    Please do not answer this unless you ACTUALLY are contributing. I don't care if you're stoned or about any other side bar. (Can you tell I am tired of these blogs when no one can make progress due to side bars)

    I have found this bottle of Chitosan Finings. I am assuming that the only ingredients with a product such as this would be H20 and Chitosan. Considering it is a product that is used in the process of wine making and ultimately will be consumed by humans.

    The level of chitosan is 1%. I am estimating that 1ml / 20Gal. I am basing this off of a product called Agri-House ODC™ Colloidal Chitosan. Which, is at 0.25% chitosan and suggests 1ml / 5gal.

    The intention is to incorporate this product or any viable and cheaply sourced chitosan into my hydroponic solution and replace overly expensive Bud Factor X.
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    NaturalFarmer Well-Known Member

    Can you tell me the difference between Chitin and Chitosan? Will my Chitin from crab shell in my soil break down to become chitosan?

    SheepsBlood Well-Known Member

    SIDE BAR (I accept side bars from Mainer's)- Not exactly, Chitosan comes from Chitin.

    Chitosan causes SAR in plants which means it causes them to put up their defenses.
    On the west coast they use Chitosan on their Pine trees to ward off Pine Beetles. It causes the pine trees to exude more sap and pine jizz. As for cannabis it causes stinkier buds, more density, more flowering spots... The list goes on... Lots of trichomes.
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    NaturalFarmer Well-Known Member


    SheepsBlood Well-Known Member

    I don't use 100% organic indoors. I run hydro.
    I do organic for my outdoors though.

    SheepsBlood Well-Known Member

    Yeah, I saw those. They were helpful to an extent.
    Thanks for posting your "GARDEN MYTHS" website
    That has some great information that makes wicked good sense...

    Jaybodankly Well-Known Member

    I have found organic outdoor tougher because animals like to dig up plants for bone meal, blood meal, alfalfa, kelp and other tasty bits.

    SheepsBlood Well-Known Member

    Put spikes in the ground for those assholes, traps, anything. Or you can be nice and put The Walking Dead mobile alarm kit around them... Soda cans and shiny metal to make noise, that should deter them.

    wheresthelambsbread New Member

    I found a homebrew recipe for Scorpion Juice (product that BFX replaced) on another forum while searching for the same information. I have not tried it, and the person who did wound up with a viscus product... (also in that thread they posit bfx is using harpin protein in addition to chitosan)

    The thread is basically what this thread is but they got a bit farther into it...
    Annoyingling I can't post a link but if you copy and paste some of the post into Google I'm sure you'll find it.

    Posted by Budboy299, March 3 2011,
    thcfarmer; Scorpion Juice Knockoff

    "Man this one took me a while....

    Scorpion Juice uses chitosan, salicylic acid and Thiamine mononitrate (a form of vitamin B1)

    Now for a 1 litre bottle....

    2.5% Chitosan listed on label = 28.75 grams of 85% pure Chitosan


    3% of Thiamine mononitrate = 30 grams
    can be found here.... *

    If you look up Vitamin B1, there are actually a few compounds that are listed that are B1. MOAB uses Thiamine hydrochloride as either of these should be perfectly safe alternatives to each other.

    Salicylic Acid....same stuff as uncoated aspirin

    this was a tough one as the ingredient is not listed BUT....I dug up 3 different studies that showed that chitosan and Salicylic acid together are the most potent way to boost the plants (any plants) own immune system to help with all forms of invaders. (fungal and pests)

    All 3 studies showed a rate of .24 grams per gallon of salicylic acid to be the most effective for foliar spraying.
    Since Scorpion Juice is listed at 20ml per gallon for foliar...that works out to
    12.187 grams of Salicylic Acid per 1 litre of Scorpion Knockoff.

    Salicylic acid is mearly...uncoated aspirin

    So long and short is.... 1 Litre of Scorpion Juice knock off is

    30 grams of Thiamine mononitrate 2.80
    28.75 grams of 85% pure Chitosan 13.00
    12.187 grams of salicylic acid 1.50
    top up to 1L mark with distilled H2O

    This will make a similar strength mixture to Scorpion Juice for only 17 bucks
    Warning though....AN and many brands do not always put as much in their mixes as what they start with less and build up

    Just noticed that AN discontinued this....guess the profit margins were not there or not enough demand for it. Still there is the recipe for all you budding DIY'ers"

    *I had to erase all the links they provided in their post
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    Miyagismokes Well-Known Member

    Lots of chitin in insect frass, maybe if one were to make a frass tea with high pH water, it would convert to chitosan...

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