Chocolate Covered Strawberries, Double Stuffed, Durban Poison BX 1000w Grow

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    Hi all! I've followed the threads on this site since 2014, when I started growing. I've learned so much from the info here and I've finally decided to make an account and contribute to the community. I have started Exotic Genetix's "Chocolate Covered Strawberries" (Fire Alien Black x Starfighter F2) along with their "Double Stuffed" (Platinum White x Cookies and Cream) and Snow High's "Durban Poison BX" also known as "Devil's Poison" (Heirloom Durban Poison cut x Devil's Tit). I'll also be including a single Cookies and Cream seedling, which was the sole survivor of a very disappointing mold crisis. 20160901_094524.jpg I haven't found much info on any of these strains online so hopefully this will be helpful. I started 5 seeds of each strain on 9/1 and all have popped except 3 of the Durbans. 20160904_105046.jpg To the left vertically stacked are the Double Stuffed and the top row are the Durbans, leaving the CCS at the bottom row. 20160904_105127.jpg This is the sole survivor Cookies and Cream. I started and will veg these seeds in a 3x2 cabinet under a 300w led and will transfer to a 5x5 tent for flowering under a 1000w HPS.

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