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    CannaBruh Well-Known Member

    Small test chuck with the sat leaning mimosa ♂
    He's in a solo with pre98
    In this room is Schrom more pre98 and purple starburst
    Mimosa girls are pollinated but trying to find feet in the cloner. Yes, i hit mimosa ♀ cuts that were taken 2 weeks into flower, then dusted with this dude and now finding feet in the oxycloner. I'll let you know how it ends up.
    solo cup pre98 x mimosa.jpg pre98 x mimosa.jpg
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    Tangerine_ Well-Known Member

    That's the size I went with because I had an small T5 that will fit perfectly.
    I came here with questions and every single one has been answered in the last few pages :bigjoint:
    I dusted the lowers on my Guava Ds for F2 around week 4. I figured if the tops finish first I can chop em and let the lowers finish up but now I'm thinking I left plenty of time for them to finish properly.

    I checked tonight and I must've done this right (first time with a paint brush) because the pistols have died back and they're starting to swell.

    And, I wasn't sure if T5s would suffice but now that I know they'll work fine I'm going on a full force pollen chucking fest.

    I hit Apollo 11 F4 and I'm going to dust a few others going forth. If I get half as many seeds shown in these pics here I'll be satisfied and happy to share.

    3 Chems F2 are up next....

    BigHornBuds Well-Known Member

    Can you offer up some insight on theses
    I’m pretty sure PP2 = Purple Punch F2?
    TG-2 ???(flowering time?)
    Time to pop another half pack, trying to decide

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    genuity ambition

    Purple punch 2.0 male..

    TG= tuff gong(greatfulbreath x death by chocolate) by Tuff nutt seeds(
    The female I hit went 10 weeks,but 9 would have been just fine..

    I think they will run on the short side of flowering.

    BigHornBuds Well-Known Member

    I’m going to need to find out what’s in them beans ! I’ll get them going tonight.
    Can’t thank you enough Gen

    Gbuddy Well-Known Member

    Hey Chuckers...
    Back in the days in times of overgrow com and later PG etc there was somewhere a article about the difference of seeds in relation to from wich part of the plant they were taken.... different results in different parts of the Plant.
    It was semi or fully scientifically as far as that old brain can remember.

    It stated (taken from stoner memory) that Seeds from the lower parts show better roots, from the middle section resistance hardiness and structure if I remember right. And Seeds from Topbuds have positive influence on Yields.

    Anybody remember that or is there a copy of that article somewhere?

    I thought I had a copy but it seems its gone somehow.

    Any input on that would be cool!


    Mohican Well-Known Member

    This make some sense seeing as how the hormone distribution from the top of the plant to the bottom is different.

    genuity ambition

    Wish I could help with that G..

    About to dig in some of these packs,still don't really know what I'm looking for,but it's fun anyway.
    @Mohican can you give me a lil run down on 3bars again .

    I should have been got to these,them throwback kush...⛽⛽⛽

    Gbuddy Well-Known Member

    That American Beauty would be my choice I believe!!:weed:

    You have sooo damn cool beans over the big pond I envy you guys .... haha I do!:mrgreen:
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    Dear ol" Thankful Grower!

    Dear ol" Thankful Grower! Well-Known Member

    Of course you would be getting at those great genetics genuity hahah post then pics when you figure out what your looking for
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    BobBitchen Well-Known Member

    I believe ...
    REBAR x Triangle (MOJOS BX) - 3Bar

    tatonka Well-Known Member

    I found 10 seeds in a bud of Purple Animal Kush, that is from a reputable dispensary.
    My question is, should I grow them out?
    The hermie gene is in the cookies, correct?
    I have other strains I could grow I was just wondering what you all thought
    Sour Wreck

    Sour Wreck Well-Known Member

    if the smoke was good, i would grow them out...

    tatonka Well-Known Member

    The seeds look great 20180412_175035.jpg
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    cindysid Well-Known Member

    I would certainly plant them. A number of factors could have triggered the "hermie". Many strains that I grow will hermie from seed, but when cloned they no longer have the trait. A few seeds is fine with me.....totally seeded buds are something different.

    BigHornBuds Well-Known Member

    A few weeks ago , I popped 1/2 a pack of TPR , after 48hrs nothing happened, I manually cracked the seed n left in the PT
    12hrs later all had taps . 4 are doing good n one runt , but i don’t think the runt has anything to do with the cracking. They just happen. Not waiting to take that chance again, I figured I’d clean up my popping routine. I built a skuff box , and going to soak in water before paper towel now .

    Doing 1/2 a pack of the TG#2xPP 2.0#2
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    feva Well-Known Member

    i just planted some myself im guessing they should pop above ground tomorrow.

    thenotsoesoteric Well-Known Member

    I got quite a few seeds of my orange-ish smelling miyagi cut x grapes 13 male but I think I will only get 10-25 seeds from each of the other plants I flowered: grapes 13 #s 1, 2,3,4 and the berry wine cut of my miyagi. I'm still collecting beans out of the buds as I smoke on them.

    The orange miyagi was weak as hell potency wise so I tossed the clone and not sure how the beans will play out but they should get nice flavor from the miyagi. Hopefully the grapes 13 will add a punch but since I have a nice tangerine power male so not sure if I'll pop any of the orange miyagi cross anytime soon.

    Now the berrywine cross should be real nice. My berry wine cut is very similar to the blue dream cut Sin city used for their buddha's dream cross (father of miyagi cross), I've never grown the BD cut but Ive smoked the bud and the taste are very similar but I prefer my cut. The high is very similar. I'm keeping her clone around mainly as a mother for crosses. Her flavor should blend well with the grapes 13 and the tang pow.
    20180329_215051.jpg back neck.jpg

    The tangerine power male should (edit, it could, lol) pass on the orange terps since it had the same orange rind smell from stem rub in veg that its sister has and its sister is one of the nicest smells, sour orange tropical punch, I've smelled period. Like a starburst I just wanna eat raw buds, lol. The male had nice node spacing and faster growth than the female so I'm hoping it makes for a good papa.
    Here is the orange punch pheno frosting out 20180329_215051.jpg
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    Tangerine_ Well-Known Member

    Are you guys tired of hearing about my Guava D f2s yet?
    Dusted and pregnant :mrgreen:

    I'm going to dust this one too in hopes of upping the yield a bit. Its such a frost monster
    Time Bandit (WIFI 43 x 88g13hp)
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    CannaBruh Well-Known Member

    Can see a lot of the white in that time bandit... slaying it @Tangerine_ :weed:

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