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    bobqp Well-Known Member

    Nah not tired yet. Love the pics. Will your crosses ever make there way to australia ? Im only a few weeks away from making some more crosses
    Headstash x biker kush crossed over straw banana cream x goji glue.
    And citron cookies x biker kush crossed over strawberry banana cream x goji glue.
    Just bought a pack of karma genetics biker kush v2.0
    And e few reg strains from raredankness.
    Scotts og
    Jenny kush
    Night terror
    And ox. Will most like put all rare dankness in one room and just have a rare dankness orgy and might throw biker kush over jenny kush.
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    Tangerine_ Well-Known Member

    Oh I'm sure I could figure a way so they could make it 'down under' ;)

    And holy shit...sounds like a big fire fest going down in your rooms. :clap: Those all sound amazing.
    I don't know how you guys keep track of so many.
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    BigHornBuds Well-Known Member

    new migraine smoke for my wife
    GreenCrack x CBD Haze
    I call her “ Cush Berry Daze”
    It smelled of berries all through flowering and after cut. But as it cures up, the peppery taste n smell of the haze is coming through and it’s losing the berries , gets smoother every day, exhale leaves your mouth cool like you blew out menthol. Kinda weird. The high is very much in the head, and very calm n smiley. 094F5965-9E63-42BD-AAB2-CFBE5AFFB8B4.jpeg 09A6293D-0740-460A-939A-70160C01B0F0.jpeg
    This is the bud I posted pics of when I cut it
    No where near as pretty today. E275A420-C0FA-4BFC-986D-1C9E7DFAFD87.jpeg
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    whytewidow Well-Known Member

    My super sati Durban Poison male. Gonna be spewing his love batter, on some sexy females. Along with Mimosa pollen. selected from 25 seeds. 11 males from those 25. He has great side branching. Very uniform. Both vertical growth and horizontal growth are beautiful. His smell is fresh cracked pepper, hash, earthy goodness. Dipped in vanilla.
    20180413_213156.jpg 20180413_213153.jpg 20180413_213145.jpg 20180413_212751.jpg 20180413_212747.jpg 20180413_212738.jpg

    Edit::: the spots on it are the dust from my giant bag of perlite that I spilled and and it sucked all that awesome dust flying threw the air..
    Sour Wreck

    Sour Wreck Well-Known Member

    who is the breeder of your durban. i have some hazemans durban in veg right now

    bobqp Well-Known Member

    Yeah I'm aiming for more for fire in my outdoor grows. I mainly stick with sativa dominant strains. But I'm starting to lean towards indica dominant. I think the biker kush 2.0 will make a great pollen donor for the Malawi x panama..
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    thenotsoesoteric Well-Known Member

    My 88g13/hp leaning runt of grapes 13 all prego with large tangerine power seeds. The seeds look like they're ready to bust and they're only a couple weeks in. Should produce some frosty plants with interesting flavors. This girl has a hashy perfume flavor not too strong so the tang pow should improve it.
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    bobqp Well-Known Member

    Nice and frosty

    thenotsoesoteric Well-Known Member

    Thanks man
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    bobqp Well-Known Member

    I've been getting a lot of double seeds .2 seeds in the 1 pod. Does that make them good or bad. Plant is a black d.o.g x gth1 sprayed with cs and crossed over itself.
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    roony Well-Known Member

    Question for you seasoned chuckers out there if i have a clone thats had powdery and i want to continue the strain without cloneing and keeping the shitty powdery mildew problem can i self it or cross it or does it stay systemic like with clones
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    genuity ambition

    I think your best bet is to get the environment in check,now if everything is in check & the plant still has pm... I would not work with it.
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    CannaBruh Well-Known Member

    I'd re-source the cut if possible, otherwise a seed run will allow you to play with the pool though it's unlikely you'll find something exactly the same as the cut, the pm will NOT carry over to seeds but if spores are present and environment allows it can pop back up. Try to keep same night time temps as you run during day time, at night when temps cool the air cannot hold that same moisture.

    As @genuity says once something gets pm it's hard to not just punt it and start over paying attention to getting environment in check.
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    roony Well-Known Member

    20180414_151028.jpg 20180414_151055.jpg No powdery mildew on my cut just kno the plant it was cut from had it dont care if its identical to the cut would love to keep it around with less chance of that being an issue in my room
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    CannaBruh Well-Known Member

    If you aren't seeing PM there's still chance you introduced those spores to your room and your environment isn't ideal for it to show. You may luck out and never see it. Best of luck!
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    whytewidow Well-Known Member

    Gonna make some babies very soon.

    OBS x Mimosa
    Clementine Cookies x Mimosa
    Dank Cheeze x Mimosa
    If he flowers in time will have Durban poison crosses too

    OBS x Durban Poison
    Clementine Cookies x Durban Poison
    Dank Cheeze x Durban Poison

    Orange Blossom Special and Clementine Cookies front three. Back middle is DanK Cheeze 20180415_124719.jpg 20180415_124356.jpg

    Mimosa male

    Durban Poison male

    whytewidow Well-Known Member

    The donor ladies

    Clementine Cookies pheno 1
    Dank Cheeze
    Clementine Cookies pheno 2

    CannaBruh Well-Known Member

    @whytewidow nice to see others working mimosa ♂s, I believe @genuity is working one also? :weed:

    What kinds of smells are you getting off of your mimiosa? Mine were all very similar smelling.

    I kept the thinnest leaved ♂ which was also the most vigorous, win win.

    Mine smells very much of spritzy champagne with citrus twist almost like a tequila sunrise or something similar. Very orangy without being a full on orange.

    So far I've hit the mimosa ♀, pre98, Schrom and Purple Starburst.

    Calling dibs on the names "2nd drink(drank)" for the F2s and "Bubbly" for the Bubba cross. Happy chucking :hump:

    Something I just noticed on your male, maybe I'm tripping, are the fan leaf tips like a forked tongue!? That's got to be a shadow right?
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    greencropper Well-Known Member

    if i had to chose just 1 out of the approx 40 pollen chucks in stock it would probably be these GDP x C99, resistant to hermie, mold, insects etc & fits the bill for potency, bag appeal & terpines
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    genuity ambition

    Had my mixed trim ran,mmmmmm... coming out nice so far.

    Smoke all the time,so this 420 ima just smoke for the day.

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