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Tangie X Uptown Brown F1

- thoughts so far -regardless of appearances, uptown brown is a shit breeder and didn't impart much of anything to its offspring. 4 different males, and more than a handful of F1 crosses, F2'd the best of the Uptown females but still have yet to find anything that would even hold a candle to the original Piff. I have tapped out and this is the last run with anything Uptown Brown related for now. All that being said, Tangie is a fantastic strain and her influence really made the run worth it for me.


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Confirmed 1/3 Space Monkey f2 is a female and up potted flower 6 quart trash basket.

3 California Cannon F2s at 47 days lots of different sizes all very frosty and smell very sweet, no ID. Some cedar/pine also. These seem to be getting their mojo goin.

5 Space Monkey x Sleeskunk ready for first up pot, most wider than average leaves, vigorous.

Potency taste sticky are all superb on first of 3 Copper Chem f3s, 2 in at 70 days 1 at 74 days, very fuely and wiredly sour and very smooth!. Best Copper Chem related to date on my hill.