Cloudy water/slime on roots

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    Hey guys i really need some help.
    I am growing in a dwc/bubbleponics setup, the water temperature is 20°C, Ph is roughly around 6, i am using RO water that i get from the air conditioning and from a RO filter.
    The problem is no matter what i do the water keeps turning cloudy and the roots have slime on them. The leafs have little dots on them. I tired using hydrogen peroxide but the cloudy water returns after a day or two.
    Thank you in advance for any help.

    xitears Member

    U need to get some micros for ur roots like I use phiranna and tarantula from advanced nutrients u might have the beginning of root rot. Keep this updated.

    chemphlegm Well-Known Member

    dude, dont use air conditioning water. geesh. google the nasty shit already.

    VRZ711 Active Member

    check my last thread here,

    kiro_188 New Member

    what is wrong with air conditioning water?

    DrBlaze Well-Known Member

    Learn to brew aerated microbe tea, it will clear up your problem for good. I have a 30 gallon system and brew up microbes each week for it. The plants go nuts for the next day or two. I haven't checked rez temps in nearly 2 years (I know in the heat of summer its often in the high 70's). When pathogens try to move in the see the "no vacancy" sign and move on.

    Running sterile is a loosing battle, and the symbiotic relationship the microbes have with your roots gives you much higher growth rates (the microbes release enzymes and aminos that help chelate the various macros and micros).

    Read this thread:

    If you don't want to brew microbes you can buy Recharge on Amazon, it will give you everything you need.

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