Cost of 99 plant limit?

Discussion in 'California Patients' started by Halloritter, Jun 14, 2011.


    Halloritter Member

    How much does it cost for one of those? Also is it legal to grow in my backyard?

    lthopkins Active Member

    first i would ask urself are u ready to take care of a 99 plant garden dnt think u are by the question
    and it cost me 55 for my script and 250 for a total of 99 plants i am allowed will i ever grow 99 no but it leaves my options open to have bunch of mommy and clones when i am ready
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    jyermum Active Member

    It would still be a deal @ $20,000 especially if they were outdoor. I would hate to be there to trim.
    Dan Kone

    Dan Kone Well-Known Member

    Not hard at all if you've got your nuts mixed into your soil and you're running a drip system.

    Taking care of 99 plants when you've got to water them by hand sucks bad. I've done it, but never again.

    ChronicObsession Well-Known Member

    99 plants of bud in the hall, 99 plants of bud... take one down, water it yea, 98 more plants to water now mang

    lthopkins Active Member

    still 99 plants is alot of care

    rusto Member

    i think with a good drip system its possible. but it would require a lot of attention to keep every plant healthy.

    GreenthumBum Member

    where did you go in sac to get that 99 licence?

    itsaplant Active Member

    I just my renewal from medrxc and they put 8 plants!
    Its going right in the garbage and im going back to my old Dr "To his needs"
    Medrxc also put 8oz limit! Im really super bummed, drove 2 hours to get there from my rural home.

    NoGutsGrower Well-Known Member

    I think you are mistaken! My lady and I both got our permits from medrx/c, I even got the growers letter from them! I dont see where it says 8 plants! All the Medrx/c are connected as well! I got my permit in stockton but got my growers letter in sacramento. The one in sacramento had all my info on their computer already (I think it they had copies of all the receipts in binders because they brought in a binder as well that said stockton on it and found my stuff) so I didn't even have to see the doctor to get the growers letter. I really doubt they limited your plants to 8 word would get around and that would be bad for business!

    itsaplant Active Member

    My friend who I brought to Medrx/c is PISSED and so am I about having 8 plants stamped on my rec. Its 12 any way usually.
    Medrx/c rec is going right in the trash can.

    NoGutsGrower Well-Known Member

    please post a picture of this, I posted one of mine from medrx/c and it doesn't say anything about 8 plants! Maybe go talk to your lawyer before you spend more money at another doctor! LOL!

    itsaplant Active Member

    yeah, my lawyer is only 10X more per hour then the Dr.

    itsaplant Active Member

    I just called the Medrx/c main number and they wont give me the office number to correct the fact they gave me the wrong county limit card.

    Avoid Medrx/c like the plague.

    PISSED!!! They said they would send me the correct card in the post office? In what, 4 weeks?

    NoGutsGrower Well-Known Member

    Still going to have to call BS! Pictures or it didn't happen!
    4 weeks is better than paying for another, even though I'm sure it wouldn't take 4 weeks! Even if you had to wait, why are you worried about getting busted with the lower limit card until you get your new one?
    Clown Baby

    Clown Baby Well-Known Member

    some docs south of SLO county give scrips for 99 plants.

    99 plants aint hard if you automate watering. this means hydro or drip.

    CrookieMonster Member

    does it matter // change in each county?

    NoGutsGrower Well-Known Member

    yes it does

    Olan Active Member

    keep in mind that is a recommendation for X number of plants, not a don't be hassled card. the only thing that keeps you safe from arrest is being in keeping with county law.

    Don't forget if you have fewer plants you can always just grow big indoor trees to get lots of top quality buds.

    cpgsc3xK559 Member

    Would anybody care to actually answer the orginal question? Its coming to the end of july and im trying to get a figure for next season. Ive never grown outdoors before but im going to be partnering with several experienced outdoor/indoor growers (im more of an investor/protege) ive figured out the county i want to grow (sonoma or yuba) where they have a no more than 99 plants per 20 acre law, they all have to be in the same designated area (meaning you cant throw 20 here 20 there) and im already wondering does this mean 99 per patient? Because if not i have a whole lot more figuring out to do, but anyways heres where im at. I figure

    1) $180,000-$220,000 for the land
    2) $75,000-$100,000 for a tractor
    3) 99 400-gallon pots (im going with spring pots @ $80.89)= $8,008.11
    4) Soil to fill the pots now this is where i get lost. Ive yet to actually contact a soil company to help me out with this but i figured id jump on a forum before i waste a salesmans time with questions.
    So i figure,
    99pots x 400gal = 39600 gallons.
    39600 gallons = 5,293.75 cb. ft
    On google i found 1.5 cb. Ft. Bags of fox farms ocean forest in a pallet of 62 for $989. That means id need at least 3529 bags of soil, or 57 pallets, which comes out to $56,373 on soil (which seems a little ridiculous to me)
    5) I still need to figure out how much perlite or lime im going to need.
    6) I figure you need at least 99,000 sq ft to work with, so that means creating a fence at least 6ft high and no higher than 8ft (county laws) that stretches around a 2 acre perimeter. After searching various forums i concluded this cost to be anywhere around $20,000-$25,000.
    7) And if you're going to spend anywhere around $200,000 on a plot of land it better have a well on it, so watering should not be an issue for the first 10 years or so.

    So right now im at $389,295. I figure if you round up to oh lets say $420,000 for anything i may have missed, and your plants produce at least a pound each, youll have your parcel and tractor paid off in at least 7-8 years. Which makes me wonder.... Is all this even worth it? Am i forgetting something crucial? Id like to know, as im serious about this. Any help or guidance would be great

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