Crazy bug infestation. Anyone seen this before?

Discussion in 'Bugs' started by jondoughnutz, May 12, 2016.


    jondoughnutz Member

    Dude, you are looking at a close up of one leaf. There were only a few like that out of 16 plants. You don't know me and you haven't seen my grow, just one picture of once leaf. So don't judge me bro. I'm just asking a couple questions. I don't need your holier than though bullshit.
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    Olive Drab Green

    Olive Drab Green Well-Known Member


    Olive Drab Green

    Olive Drab Green Well-Known Member

    Look, man. If there are that many on one leaf, there are tons more elsewhere. I am trying to do you a favor, you just don't want to hear what people are telling you. Smoke your bug weed if you want, but that is nasty and fiendish.
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    jondoughnutz Member

    And I personally never had bug issue because I only grew hydro and I used a sulfur burner every 2 weeks. I have since moved and have been using soil and I haven't been burning sulfur.

    jondoughnutz Member

    I just don't want to hear what you are telling me because you only want to act like you are better than someone and judge someone instead of answering the questions asked and trying to help out.
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    MeJuana Well-Known Member

    I doubt if a few aphids will actually kill you if you smoke them if that's what you want to hear. Vape or eating them will be better but honestly people smoke meth, crack and etc so an isolated incident of smoking aphids is non consequential. I smoked spider mite weed before when I was hard up and it did taste gross but I am in fact a weed fiend.
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    Olive Drab Green

    Olive Drab Green Well-Known Member

    That is not "a few aphids." And I'm not trying to seem better than you. I have only grown since January. I definitely would not smoke it. You could be an unethical bastard and sell it. They would never know and your work wouldn't be for nothing.

    SoOLED Well-Known Member

    looks like a convention, shit. I wanted to close my chrome as soon as I saw the pic. I almost think its photoshopped.

    Uberknot Well-Known Member

    Ugh.....that don't look good! :spew:
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    SoOLED Well-Known Member

    they are high as fuck though right =D
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    MeJuana Well-Known Member

    You're the one talking sense here.

    Well I don't know the chemistry of an aphid but for us raw marijuana has no psychedelic effects i.e. it must be heated to 325 degrees to "activate". The funny thing is THC is said to be the cannabis plants natural pesticide but I have yet to see one that minded it. Even while smoking all types of insect are all up on me I blow it on flies, etc, but they never seem to be stoned or anything.
    Dr. Who

    Dr. Who Well-Known Member

    WRONG! THEY ARE WHITEFLIES and their young!

    They are not in his buds!

    You point fingers and talk shit to the OP. You got 3 of those fingers pointing back at you!
    Sometimes I think you should sit on your hands and not answer!
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    Dr. Who

    Dr. Who Well-Known Member

    Ah HAH! Now I know why you should sit on your freaking hands and not answer so much!

    Let me say this again - OK?

    Looks like your getting a BAD Whitefly attack to me!

    Whiteflies are a pain in the ASS! If your crops are in now and you have nothing going - SANITIZE very heavily !!!
    Use a bleach mix and you might do well by mixing it heavy a bit.
    Now spray down EVERYTHING in the grow. EVERY surface! Include undersides of anything, insides of anything that they COULD have gotten into and all fans, cooling equipment, etc, etc. Leave NOTHING out! Put out a BUNCH of yellow sticky traps all around and look for those White flying critters. If you see some - clean again....If you see some ON your plants - go to the next step bellow.

    Whiteflies are tough bastards as they become resistant FAST! You need to get out all the big gun poisons for these suckers and use them in rotation for several weeks - 5 weeks in 5-7 day increments ! Start with - Pyrethrin - Permethrin - Clothainidin - Imidacloprid and then hit with Insecticidal soap.. The bottoms of the leaves are the PRIMARY goal for some (contact killers) and the other 2 are systemic so cover as the label instructs for Whiteflies

    If it gets out of hand or you don't/won't use the real insecticides listed above.....You have NO choice but to ditch and start over after CLEANING.....

    Don't anyone come on here and say that you killed them off with Neem oil as I KNOW that's bull shit!!! Of the first order!
    You can NOT kill off an infestation like pictured with natural means by any method.....You might slow them down some but, not for long!

    Sorry about your white flies! I can deal with root aphids ok. It's white flies I dread the most!
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    BiGrEd1011 Well-Known Member

    id listen to Dr. Who.....


    SoOLED Well-Known Member

    bro, that leaf has multiple infestations, they pile on, as the plant gets weaker. you can see the eyes on the aphids. and there larva and large honey dew deposits. Aphids reproduce parthenogenically without fertilization. white fly young are black ironically. they get confused with fungus gnats.
    [​IMG] <~~~~aphids/miners

    its a bummer no matter what it is, alien lifeforms whatever. he cut the plants already so.. its moot anyway.
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    Capt. Stickyfingers

    Capt. Stickyfingers Well-Known Member

    I wouldn't, he's a fake expert, but really good at copying and pasting. OP has an aphid infestation, guaranteed
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    Olive Drab Green

    Olive Drab Green Well-Known Member

    One thing's for sure: That didn't happen overnight. And the answer is the same, with either species. But those are aphids. I do see some winged-looking things that could be whiteflies, or it could be aphid instar sheddings, but those are aphids next to them.

    pookat Well-Known Member

    I have a Devils Coachman in my growroom it eats any beastie that enters.... it is Evil but its my friend
    if you got one ...dont go in bare foot it'll go for you!!
    White fly , Aphids etc dont like Soapy water, soapy dish water sprayed on 'em and they fall off- not dead but it lets you KILL the little buggers and give the plants a breather so you can get treatment.
    It takes the protective coating off them like a degreaser, its not a cure, its just an aid.
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    Dr. Who

    Dr. Who Well-Known Member

    And whitefies @Olive Drab Green too!

    Ah yes my every 6 month negative no body hiding behind his blocked info who helps no one! Ben has Buck, RM3 has Testiclese and Church ,,, and I have you!

    Why should I type masses of info when I can supply the same or better answers that some have already given? Damn right I'll "paste" that in!

    :spew: :cry:
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    doniawon Well-Known Member

    Soft bodied aphids and white flys..... the plot thickens..ur garden should br burned n never started again.ur fucked. U will never crop again.
    Or try insectacidal soap. Maybe some neem as well. Prolly dooz it
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