Crazy bug infestation. Anyone seen this before?

Discussion in 'Bugs' started by jondoughnutz, May 12, 2016.

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    Yup! I screwed the pooch on that one DB!
    Two of the few things I have yet TO get! (knocking wood as we speak).....Even the farm has been trouble free of any big aphid attack now for around 10+ years....Last time it was aphids on Brussels sprouts and we cleared the infected by pulling and burning...lucky it did not spread.....lost about a 1/4 acre.
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    how many acres do you farm there doc?
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    Between the now 4 farm's in the co-op (organic) we are actually using 1280 and are in the process of gaining another 480 that is in the process of conversion to organic (organic co-op). We run Veggies, grains, some limited fruit. We have livestock in the form of Beef cattle, Hogs and poultry in the form of egg and meat birds. The new farm brings in Milk to the fold. One goal is to make cheese's and butters along with the milk. We are now part of an organic dairy co-op that runs from Farms in the southern part of our state. While we have made the org. cert. for the dairy and it's products. We are in the middle of the 3 year change over for certification on the land from that operation! We are looking forward to the ability to use that 480 as needed but, mostly to supply the needs of the dairy herd and grain operations.
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    holy cow, literally. sounds like u know a shit load about farming. my back hurts just thinkin about it
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    Yeah but, I still make mistakes!

    I'm just about to go to the "make your own terpinator" thread I started and correct my math - Thanks to MisterBlah for posting proper volumetric math answer! I went by the package formula and an old version of Nelson's Greenhouse guide and used a formula that we were using on the farm for applying a 300ppm K2SO4 solution for high K plants - Pumpkins and squash mostly - I forgot to apply the 13.6 answer I gave by 28grams to get aprox. 380 grms per gallon to get to a 10% solution FROM the 300ppm solution!

    He gave the proper 378.5 grams per Gallon of water.
    While my "Farm math" gave me 380 grams per gallon (ONLY after he posted HIS answer did I go back to find my mistake) by an old school mixing formula combined with the makers concentrations to make 1000 gallons of "field" strength 300ppm - The amount I approximately gave as the actual application rate when using the mix on your plants......

    Sometimes farming can take over your mind.........Shit, I gotta get the irrigation systems going - NO rain last night either...

    Thanks DB!
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    HI Dr who I have a problem with root aphids and I noticed one of your blogs you talked about acephate 97 up in a recent producer in Oregon if I'm in veg a week before flower and apples to the roots system you you think it will show up on testing 9 weeks later
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    Interesting question!

    Things to remember.
    This is used as a soil drench. Your attacking bug in the soil! The half life in aerobic soils is less then 3 days. In anaerobic soils, less the 6 days. This means that every 3 to six days, the concentration IN the soil decreases by 1/2.

    The plant will uptake some and systemically "store" it in the plant. How much it actually uptakes is not given in any form of toxicology reports I have read.


    In testing from differing parts of the plant from topical applications. The chemical has a half life of a widely variation of 1-15 days!

    You might call the manufactures of the chemical and ask for someone who can tell you a better direct answer to your question as per soil drench use and the related plant residue half lives....

    I have no idea what the states cut off limit is for it.....

    The organic step chemical.."Botaniguard"...Works awful damn well....back to back repeated use can work effectively to cure you're problem! I might try that by applying every 5 days for 4 weeks straight!
    It's organic and should be acceptable if detected!

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