Cutting Leaves in Half to Get More Thc?

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by stanklin420, Aug 24, 2009.


    stanklin420 Member

    ive heard that if you cut the leaves of a plant in half from when its a seedling/clone to the time of harvest gives it more thc, is this just a myth?

    Skunk#1 Well-Known Member

    I have never heard that myth and I am sure that is what it is
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    olishell Active Member

    Whoever told you that,shouldn't be walking around.
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    satch Well-Known Member

    It plays into the whole "STRESS UR PLANTZ FOR MAXXX RESIN" thing. If you believe that then I guess this could be plausible? I have too much love for my plants to butcher them intentionally before harvest.

    zorkan Active Member

    it only works if you cut every other leaf and the plant must be upside down when u make the cuts

    hayzeheven Well-Known Member

    Yea upside down, every other leaf, in an white shirt with paper bags on ur feet.. If u use plastic bags for ur feet it doesn't work as well...
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    DaveTheNewbie Well-Known Member

    the plastic bags dont work cause of the environmental impact. the plant senses the desecration of the earth through plastic and refuses to produce as well

    andrewcrestline Active Member

    Dude.... Really! I don't know. I'm with Satch, you should love your plants not butcher them.

    figtree Active Member

    we get hair cuts right? we mutilate our plants during fim, and topping and supercrop?
    i have heard of this......suposedly you get around 30 percent bigger yeild and potentcy.

    thanks for reminding me, i used to do this 15 years ago but since i haven't grown in years i forgot all about it.

    i dont take half the leaf, i take the tips, up to the first veragation. i'll include pics.

    by the way, my plants are 20 days into flower with a ton of crystals so i decided to dry out all my tip cuttings and puffed the about an hour ago, i am ripped! leaf

    anyway here are the pics of my technique.

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    figtree Active Member

    and here are the tips from the whole plant. ismoked about 1/4 of them.

    the cutting leaf idea is that yes it stresses but also the energy that the tips where using is now going to the buds.

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    RickWhite Well-Known Member

    Where do people get the idea that damaging the part of the plant that is the most crucial for photosynthesis is a benefit to the plant?

    The leaves act like solar panels through which the plant collects light. hey are designed in the shape of a fan to maximize surface area exposed to the light. Cutting them off or in half is the same as reducing your light lumens by that amount. Buds and stems also carry on photosynthesis but not nearly as well as the leaves - it's a simple matter of surface area. The best and most potent plant is one that is allowed to grow hardily and not abused or mutilated.
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    punkrockdave Active Member

    I read somewhere that when you first take clones you can cut the fan leaves to reduce
    ........ehhhh shit, I cant remember what it was called, anyone know what im talking about?
    it probably came from the medicinal growers handbook, I think it was something like transpiration?

    figtree Active Member

    i respectfully dissagreee, from my experience you maximise potential from topping, and training. also it may be minor but it does let more light to the lower shaded leaves. but your point is exactly why i only take the tips. like you said the leaves are important in producing chloraphyl. i wouldnt advise taking half the leaf, but did you see how small the piece i took was?

    xXAfghanKushXx Active Member

    i learned to do this to plants in botany class in highschool lol. ive never read anything about it but i do it. they look extreamly healthy after you clip them, idk how to explain it.

    moash New Member

    yes,its called transpiration
    its the transport of water thru the plant and the release thru the stomata

    Thought Member

    I am amazed on a forum full of knowledgable people like this one, this type of shit doesn't get you banned, or at least social sanctions.

    Where do your ganja plants get their food in nature? Their leaves?

    Why do we LST, in PC Grows aside from height issues? Even light distribution?

    To what?

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    johnny961 Well-Known Member

    I agree those leaves are there for 1 main purpose to feed the budsites so why mess with them?

    johnny961 Well-Known Member

    + waste all the nutes you fed them that are stored in them.

    Hydrotech364 Gen Mod

    I've only cut them to stimulate growth in young plants.Never after the 1st 2 weeks of veg.

    RickWhite Well-Known Member

    You top a plant to cause it to form multiple tops instead of just 1. You cut leaves from a cutting for cloning in order to slow water loss and to prevent them from getting in the way and causing potential fungal issues.

    Plants forming a canopy from fan leaves is an issue. The correct way to remedy this is to use SCROG or bending. Note that the leaves will rotate into the light if you bend the plant. This is evidence of the importance of the fan leaves. Also, this is why experienced growers do not grow large plants but rather SCROG or SOG. You can also do partial harvests.

    In any case, removing or damaging fan leaves only damages the plant and stunts growth. It's really a very bad idea and only someone with a complete lack of understanding of plant biology would consider. Damaging fan leaves is analogous to giving your plant a gastric bypass to make it fatter - it simply doesn't make any sense.

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