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Dr.Amber Trichome

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I invented a new family fun Covid -19 Virus Arts and Crafts Project!

the whole family can take part together and create their very own Covid-19 Germ Virus Art ! All you need is paper, paint, brushes and straws and a good set of Lungs.
Just place a paint water drop on the paper and Blow. AABA951B-A4E9-4654-889E-76746201BA29.jpeg51A66E56-C4F0-4D64-A54D-F10F9C64875F.jpeg

Dr.Amber Trichome

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The patient presents short of breath so we rushed to get an X ray
And found THIS!
Covid 19 positive.
so we got her into a nice comfortable room and hooked her up to Oxygen.
filling her poorly oxygen saturated lungs with 5 liters of Oxygen.
she was given the experimental drug
Hydroxycholoroquine. Now we wait. And Pray!!!!


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I admire your patience with BS.. But not your decision to burn your work.. Archive your work, don't burn it.. Then if you haven't gathered fame and are not famous, give people a reason to burn it after your death.. :lol:


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30 minutes later Fully infected Lungs.
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Amber these are just gorgeous. They remind me of an artist I've been following for years. His name is Hundertwasser. I think he's German or something. His work is sort of primitive. But I really love his work. It appeals to the kid in me. Here's one piece...You should look him up. I think you'll like him too. EndOfTheNight66.jpg