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Pausing the job search?
No, I though about pausing it but I just applied for a job in Maryland that is Just too damn good looking . I put in my salary requirements which the recruiter asked for right off the bat , which is perfect because I am sick and tired of wasting my time and my references time when some places can’t meet my salary requirements from the get go!

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Awesome! Good luck :bigjoint:
Going no where with that lead . Plus Maryland is heavy Thigh high deep in Covid and Okie is just ankle high. Good thing abouta livin in this here is no one has any interest in visiting . No tourist . It’s so weird i really do feel like I’m living smack dab in the middle of the country . I feel the pull of the oceans equal distance like I Am on top of a really wide tall mountain. It’s a gravitational equal pull. bongsmilie
This collage I did for my sister.
she needs another piece on the other side of the wall. so I have an idea.

Because the area in the wall is long and narrow I will use these 3 circular canvass and fill with the same color sequence but different patterns in each.

top will be the sun in orange
Middle will be a tip of the sun and sea
Bottom circle will be sea and sand


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Love concentric circles, wish I wasn't color blind.
Sorry to hear about your blindness. These circles are super bright with fluorescent colors. Can you see fluorescents? These have a lot of pinks and oranges and reds and yellows and green and blues with some purple . All bright colored . No brown or blacks or white.

I decided to take away 3 of the 12 circles and leave it like this 9 piece because I was getting really sloppy and unmotivated to finish this piece . I started on another project and need to move on and put this one behind me.

So this is the final piece .


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They're some of the oldest Celtic burial sites with lots of circle and spiral stone carvings.
in New Mexico at 3 rivers petroglyphs I saw similar designs.

I am slowly gathering some bucket list places to visit in the Twin Cities and this is number one on my list.

I am a big fan of cherrys . I love to crack open chocolate cordial cherrys over the trash can and watch the red goo ooze out and the Cherry slowly fall out of the shell and plop into the trash like an eyeball. Lol

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Lol! Haven’t been here in a while . Never did go to those places in Minnesota. It was a bust. It was a nightmare of a trip .

Moving into the Sea here having an absolute delightful time doing this middle circle today .