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Dr.Amber Trichome

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We used to watch these movies in high school up all night on Cinemax n LSD

Cool artwork man
Thanks, I made another one here.
i wanted
To use all the left over blue, grey, black shells we gathered. Just need to glue them down now. It’s weird because making
These come so natural to me. It’s very relaxing to do .I LOVE the organic natural shapes.


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Your eye for color is wonderful - And your use of pattern.. Mesmerizing and it makes me higher. This shell art thing is a whole new level of dope. Thank u for sharing them -

The swirl textures in black and gray shells on your last post remind me of an old painting I made. Maybe u find this cool- Mixing a bit with acrylic color and pouring, then maneuvering the canvas as you will. You can use a blow torch to bring brighter colors from underneath the pour to bubbling up to the surface also.

The link > Pour Me Up

Dr.Amber Trichome

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I couldn’t stand looking at that aqua conche shell circle shell collage anymore. The color was disturbing me sick and it reeked of grandmas art so we took all the shells off and killed it.

we went to the beach and I was going to collect shells but I didn’t see any and instead drank a beer and did nothing but stare at the diamonds in the ocean, fed a seagull some keto coconut cookie and listen to Steve roaches new album.

the sunset from the day before.
cheers 67952B1D-F580-4F7D-9158-9ABFD6AFD33B.jpegE0EF02D8-A104-4F9B-B743-4D4FBB22E5B0.jpeg