Deficiency 3 weeks into flower


Looking for some help please.

Growing a white widow using hydroponics. She has been doing great. Switched her to flower 3 weeks ago and all has been going well until today. I noticed she is developing some discoloration on the upper leaves. Browing tips and light coloured patches. I would like to figure out what is the problem and what corrective steps I need to use to keep her healthy.

Feeding using the Lucas Method plus a little CalMag. ebb and Flow or flood and drain hydro.

8ml/16ml GHE Micro/Bloom per Gal
2ml CalMag per gal
Temp 26C
12 hours light

Should I stop the CalMag?



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Im not expert enough in feeding to tell you how to correct this but it looks to me like a mild expression of K deficiency.

It could be the ph is off. Although the calmag could be antagonizong the K you arent adding much calmag -- but I dont know if calcium is in your nutes already. If it is then that is possible.

I would carefully check ph and then get more opinions on what is seen.