1. ddeck96

    Purple/black leaves on lower internode branches!!

    So a few days ago I noticed some lower leaves turning brown on the ends and edges, then they started to twist and curl upwards. After I noticed it we had an ice storm. I couldn’t keep my night temps warm enough. For about 3-4 days it got as low as 55-60F in there. Probably even lower below the...
  2. B


  3. B

    Leaf issues

    Hey everyone, hope your day is going good. This is my first run so I’m still dialing everything in. I pruned these leaves off my girls but I can’t figure out exactly what the issues are. I have some assumptions but I like to double check. I can give all the information needed. Appreciate the...
  4. ddeck96

    Any idea what this is? Deficiency?

    Noticed that some of the top/middle fan leaves have started getting this pale color between the veins and some brown/necrotic spots towards the ends of the leaves. Any idea what it could be? Strain: Huckleberry (flipped 12/12 3 days ago) Medium: RDWC hydro Ph: 5.8 EC: 1.7 Water temp: 68F Room...
  5. ddeck96

    Red/bronze spots on older growth/ purple stems.

    My plants are getting these spots on the older fan leaves. They start out as small red specks, then as they progress and multiply they turn necrotic. The stems on my plants are turning red as well, not just the petioles, but the center most veins of the leaves, and the steams on the nodal shoots...
  6. PlainfieldPuff

    Help Please! Things going south quickly .

    Specs : Day 17 flower. 3x3 tent, 75-80degrees, 45-60 Rh depending on when I watered. Soil I am using is Roots Organic. 400watts LED, 2x SF2000. Taller Girls are about 12-15 inches from light . Supercropped them down tho to make even with rest of canopy, and lowered light to 80% intensity. So I...
  7. ddeck96

    CalMag deficiency? RDWC

    So I’ve had this problem for a few days. The lower fan leaves developed these yellowish spots, then they turned tan, then eventually brown. This is my first hydro grow so I’m a bit confused. Plants are a about three weeks old, maybe someone here can tell me what the problem is Strain...
  8. ddeck96

    Possible deficiency?

    Just started my first hydro grow (RDWC) Spotted a few strange shiny golden brown spots on one of my fan leaves and I’m not sure what they are. I’ve heard deficiencies progress fast in hydro, so I would like to catch them early. I also noticed that some of the new growing fan leaves are a little...
  9. U

    Nute burn and Potassium Deficiency or just nute burn?

    I know I have nute burn on the plant but I'm wondering if it's only a nute burn problem or also a deficiency problem as well? Is this also a potassium deficiency? I am seeing nute burns on the tips but also I am seeing yellowing on the edges of the leaves located at the top of the plant, on the...
  10. U

    New growth is clawing downward

    Hey everyone, one of my plant's top growths are clawing downward, also the texture looks/feels a little leathery. I thought it might be overwatering so waited till the pot was dry before watering again and that still didn't solve the problem. Is this some kind of deficiency? I also don't think...
  11. U

    Any idea what the deficiency is here?

    This deficiency is on only 2 branches. The issues is at the top of the plant. The plants aren't too close to the lights, the temps/rh are good, the ph is in a good range. From research I have done, it looks like it might be an iron deficiency, what do you guys think? The leave is pale...
  12. C

    Buds are kinda white on the inside? Looks kinda like cauliflower

    Kinda a newbie grower still after a ten year hiatus so please bare with me. The first two cycles of my grow this has happened...I take one of the big colas and start snipping the buds off the main stem I noticed this.... Is this just due to lack of light getting to the center of big buds or...
  13. K

    Help. Whats going on...

    4x4x6 tent. 2 small fans. Ocean forest soil.soft pots. Dark hollow strain. 3 sp150 lights. Whats going on here?
  14. S

    New grower - identifying deficiencies / mistakes

    Hey guys. I'm a complete beginner to this and I think it shows on my two plants. Whilst I'm waiting for my pH pen to arrive I decided to write up a post here, hoping for some good insights from more experienced growers that will hopefully remedy this situation. Anyway, here's some info about my...
  15. B

    Deficiency or PH Issue?

    Hey guys! New grower here working on a couple of plants. This is my Photo period Lemon OG Kush from DNA Genetics (Currently Day 15 from Seed). I noticed since about 3 days ago (Day 12) those bottom leaves are starting to get dark and splotchy.. Any ideas on what the issue may be? I know I...
  16. B

    Weird new growth, your opinion?

    Hey guys, Been growing this bagseed lady for 10 weeks, already a week into flowering. Lights: CFL 4 x 23W 2700K + 1 x 23W 6500K Medium: Organic-ish Soil(Mix of 2 types of potting soils with included perlite, organic and mineral fertilizers + added worm castings and used coffee grounds) PH...
  17. SpawnOfVader

    Calcium Deficiency?

    So last week I noticed early signs of a nitrogen deficiency and this time it looks like a Cal deficiency? NOTE TO SELF: If vegging plants 3 weeks longer upping my pots by 2 gallon is not nearly enough.... (I normally don't have to feed at all during veg). What do you all think, early Cal...
  18. Dreminen169

    Leaves crossing fingers

    I’ve been feeding & watering @ a ph of 6.1-6.8 and I have not fed in 2 waterings cuz the ppm/EC was a lil high around 1300 ppm. the runoff is around 6.7 and going in it was 6.2. The run off ppm is just above 420ppm. My tent is 80 F day and 70 night. RH stays around 50-60 day and goes to maybe...
  19. S

    What is this discoloration?

    What are these light patches? Is this calmag related? Or is it something else? Tried adding a little bit of calmag a few days ago in hopes the deficiency would slow down but the newest growth still shows it indoor grow, pH is 6.0 consistently, ppm reads about 500, and I’m 3 and a half weeks in...
  20. P

    Cant recognize this problem guys (leaf discoloration) marijuana

    First it started with 1 leaf then its kinda spreading How do i stop it ? Have attached some pictures ;)