1. jimoffy

    Marijuana leaves turning yellow and brown spots

    hey guys just a question my outdoor marijuana plant in Australia some of the leaves are starting to turn yellow.. It started about 3 or 4 weeks ago and seems to be getting worse. I transplanted it into a much bigger pot yesterday In hopes it needed more soil. I fertilize it every couple of days...
  2. PeachyBuds

    Magnesium deficiency?

    Hey guys, just had this pop up yesterday. About half of the plants look like this and it's mostly upper leaves that are showing it. I'm guessing magnesium deficient, but I wanted some second oppinions. I just fed them with a little molasses with their water to help some (I know it's got a few...
  3. enigmaphoenix

    New growth - early issues

    I've read up a bit on potential issues and have not found a good match IMO that would explain this. There should be some yellowing or discoloration if it was Manganese or Potassium deficiency.? Hoping to get another set of eyes on this. New growth is very healthy and vigorous otherwise...
  4. youngg

    help plant looking deficient

    She's had some problems before transplanting so can't be that can anyone help I'll post some pics below please help
  5. youngg

    help plant looking poorly

    Hi everyone I need help my plant has a couple of red vein stems and my leave tips are curling up but she not dry enough for water then half strength but something what concerns me more than anything is that the leaves on top seem to get a weird feel and look like there drying but the soil is not...
  6. youngg

    what do you think 2week old seedling

    I know she has a few deficiencies though getting bit damaged in germination but what do you think she's 2week old arjans strawberry haze feminised
  7. youngg

    HELP PLEASE plant looks poorly pics

    Hi everyone can anyone please tell me what's going wrong with her. Her leaves are curling down and look dry but they are not and shouldn't be because soil is not light and bone dry top of soil is dry about a cm deep but still has some weight I'm really worried it's weird the leaves look flimsy I...
  8. PeachyBuds

    N deficient? not enough water?

    Hey again Like I said, I'm new haha. Over about the last week I've noticed the original feeder leaves on all of my plants started to get yellow. Being day 21 feom seed now, I didn't think much of it. But, last night I noticed that the original set of serrated leaves were starting to yellow...
  9. Seamoss

    Can you identify this toxicity/deficiency?

    Background: some leaves became like this shortly after applying 4-4-4 pellets including calcium and magnesium, then soaking the soil. The plant is 6 weeks old, in veg under low light conditions. Also, why is this plant getting pistils that turn orange if I haven't initiated a bloom cycle yet?
  10. PowerK

    Seedling Defiency ?

    I have 4 Moby Dick seedlings about 1 week old. Growth is doing fine, but I have them under a 300 watt led light hung about 6 inches above them. It is cool on my hand so heat is not the issue, they are also getting enough water. I usually start them in a regular potting soil but this time I...
  11. Seamoss

    Example of a Cal/Mag Deficiency

    Cal/Mag deficiency shown with leaf cupping and brown spots. Using nutrients with no minor elements listed in the ingredients. If this looks like something other than a calcium, manganese or magnesium deficiency, please comment.
  12. Blurry Face

    Dark spots and yellowing: Need Help Diagnosing

    This is the second grow in a row I have encountered this issue of dark spots and yellowing towards the end of flowering. It happens in the last few weeks and only gets worse until harvest. Need help diagnosing so as to avoid this in the future. Plants got a slight note burn last week, but from...