1. R

    diagnosing problem?

    can anyone tell what kind of problem or deficiency does it look like on these leaves?
  2. Weouthere

    Leaf discoloration

    Hey y’all, I’ve got an issue with one of my plants. I’m thinking it has to do with Ca/mag/ iron or maybe ph. Strain: Alaskan Thunderfuck Medium: Transplanted a week ago from straight FFOF into a mix of 50/50 FFOF/HF, 40% perlite, 1 big scoop of EWC and 1/2cup of mychorrizae. 5 gal fabric...
  3. Weouthere


  4. B

    Help with my plants.

    Week four of flower and my leaves are turning brown and crispy. I know I have a slight over watering issue, but besides that I don’t know what’s happening to the leaves. Temp never goes over 81F and never below 68. Feeding hasn’t changed. Lights about 14 inches away led 3 600 watt growstar...
  5. R

    plant tip turning dark

    i just saw today tip of my plant leaf is turning black for some reason, i dont have much experience growing marijuana so can anyone tell by seeing in the picture what can be wrong with them? this is auto sour diesel growing outdoor in 34 c temprature
  6. puffpuffpa55

    2nd Grow Crispy leaves - Veg - Ebb and Flow

    Hi, I would like some advice please. Im on my second grow, my first one failed. My set up is as follows. Ebb and Flow (Flood and drain) Hydroponics. Plants are in Root riot cubes, in 4inch pots filled with Hydroton(Clay pebbles) Watering schedule 3x per day for 30 minutes with lights on...
  7. Armyofsprout

    Lockout in middle of flower?

    So I’m in the middle of flower and a few of my plants have started extreme yellowing like they are in dire need of nitrogen. I don’t think they should be yellowing this rapidly at this state so I reamended with 4-4-4 and added seabird guano at 0-11-0 but that’ll take at least a week or two to...
  8. U

    I don't usually ask, but I really need a solution.

    Growing indoors Conditions: 78° - 88° / 40 - 50 RH% 3 Gallon Pots Mother Earth Coco Coir 70% / Perlite 30% pH between 5.8-6.3 checking every feed Last watering / feeding on April 8th Canna Coco A 15 mL & B 15 mL / 3.8 L or 900ppm On April 3rd my plant was green and looking mostly healthy, now...
  9. N

    Please help with plant issues

    Hello everyone. I’m having some issues with my current grow. I switched from de lights to gavita 1700 e led. I got 4 of these leds over 4 4x4’s and 9 plants per light. Growing in fox farm ocean Forrest soil in 3 gallon pots, watered every other day. The plants looked really good until a week ago...
  10. notillnospill

    Wk 5 Bloom - No Till Ca/Mg nutrient Deficient? Please Help

    Hey Rollitup, looking for some wise advise for my plants. I have 2 plants no till organic going week 5 of flower. Flipped 2/5/20 and one of them is showing increasing signs of what seems like ca/mg deficiency and the other is just starting. I tried semi dissolving some gypsum and watered/dressed...
  11. SmokyMcPots_420

    Help identify possible deficiency/burn

    FFOF soil still in veg just started giving it a little ph perfect grow n micro at half strength
  12. T

    shiny spots but there is no claw!

    Hi! This is my second grow. They are in veg week 5. A week ago, there were little shiny spots in leaves. So i thought maybe it is nitrogen toxicity. and i got them flushed with pure water. But the issue is still ongoing, and actually it is getting bigger. Here is the photos: i used advanced...
  13. Weouthere

    Yellowing Leaves in Flower, Should I Worry?

    Hey guys! I’ve been doing research and I can’t figure out what is going on. It isn’t very advanced at all but I would like to get it under control if it is a nutrient or ph problem. I’ve noticed that the leaves on the colas and most of the upper parts of the canopy are slightly yellowish/light...
  14. Weouthere

    Help! Brown Spots on oldest leaves!

    Hey guys! My little plant is now 12 days old. Growing in a 2x2x4 box I built and painted white. Light: 32w Feit electric 3 spectrum LED (upgrading to ms ts1000 very soon) FFOF/perlite mix about 60/40, 1gal pot Box isn’t totally sealed up, that’s gonna be done on payday. I’ve seen little bugs in...
  15. Realbax

    First DWC. Just switched to 12hr w/ new res. Issue in 24hr

    Hi everyone. I've just entered flowering with my first DWC. Yesterday (last [email protected]) I changed out the buckets cleaned rinsed and refilled with fresh grow nutrients for the first half of transitioning. Using Dutch Nutrient Formula. I know others that run the same program but under different...
  16. ttttttyler

    What kind of deficiency/problem is this?

    it appeared on the relatively lower parts of the plant(not new grow leaves but also not the bottom leaves), so I can not tell if it is mobile or not.
  17. Cannaprentice

    Strange Deficiency

    Hello! I know there are charts and everything but I did a whole lot of research and never found something that looked really like what's happening to my plant. About a week ago the veins started to go yellow from outside in and from bottom to top. It kinda looks like a magnesium deficiency but...
  18. Rainbow Warrior

    Nitrogen Deficiency

    so, I’ve learned my lesson the hard way: never again will I use cheap regular soil; no Sir! Anyhow, no grumbling, my mistake. I’ve got this young lady with extreme Nitrogen deficiency: Tried nettle tea a few days ago, but new growth still neon green (I think it glows in the dark ;-) Any...