Deficiency? Please Help

I’m a new coco grower and I can’t tell if I have a deficiency or over thinking it. Your help would be much appreciated! I am growing under LED light which is making the “issue” areas easier to see (pic show both LED light and normal lighting on problem areas). Lower leaves are more pale, a little limp, and are showing rust like spots, some leaves have holes in them. Additionally some leaves curl downward at the tips. Also in new shoots at the top of the plants are showing purple in the palm (where the stem meet the leave) of the leaves and these are not purple strains.

Week 3- recently topped
Drain to Waste from reservoir (changed and cleaned every week)
Ph 5.7-6.2
Grow Medium: Canna Coco Pro Plus
Air temp: 82F Water Temp: 67.5F
Nutes: 550 ppm RO water with General Hydro Trio, Cal-Mag (5ml per Gal), SuperThrive, Great White, Hydroguard, and a wetting agent
Watered twice a day- every 12 hours



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Everything sounds on point to me other than the super thrive. I only use that to soak my cubes before cloning. After that I don’t touch it. It’s pretty potent stuff.