1. 1

    Is this heat stress?

    It was under the sunlight the other day, and when i took it back in, I noticed the leaf looking dry and it got more worse now, what do you think is the problem?
  2. D

    Is this normal?? 5th day of flower and the tops are lime green/yellow

    Hey guys just wondering if this growth is normal I'll drop pics, I was thinking it was a magnesium deficiency or sulphur because the leaf stems were kinda red but only on the top side. Legit only 50% and it's been doing it since it was a seedling, with purple stripes, I think it's just the pheno...
  3. M

    Can anyone tell me what deficiency this is ?

    Hi , I’m new to growing have this gorilla glue auto in 4th week flower , a week ago it started showing some discoloration and rust spots on the leaves a few leave have also yellowed and died , any help ?
  4. GrowGal

    Calcium deficiency?

    Four month old flowering plant. Today I started giving it Revive by Advanced Nutrients: has calcium, magnesium, and iron. Calcium carbonate is on it's way. Am I on track?
  5. G

    Can someone identify this problem for me please!

    I seen signs of something eating up my plants but I don't believe this has anything to do with it can someone lmk if they seen something like it before? Or wat can it be?
  6. puffpuffpa55

    Deficiency 3 weeks into flower

    Hi Looking for some help please. Growing a white widow using hydroponics. She has been doing great. Switched her to flower 3 weeks ago and all has been going well until today. I noticed she is developing some discoloration on the upper leaves. Browing tips and light coloured patches. I would...
  7. The8thChevron

    Any idea why new growth looks like this?

    23 day old GG Auto. Bracts appeared 1 week ago. Was growing like a champ then this. PH, RH, temp, EC/ppm are all good. Moved the light up and added more micros to see if it solves the problem. Another GG Auto, same conditions, looks beautiful. Light and micro issues are my first thoughts...
  8. G

    Calcium deficiency, foliar spray during flower?

    Hey everyone. I have an amnesia haze auto starting it's 6th week of flower today. This is my first grow. I've noticed the past couple days the bud growth has pretty much stopped, and I have signs of calcium deficiency on my leaves. (Small orange/brown spots on older fan leaves at top of plant)...
  9. giantcola

    Best Potassium Source for Foliar Application

    Hey guys, one plant of mine is currently showing potassium deficiency. I am foliar spraying her nearly every day with Neem, Nirvana, Aloe and Seaweed. What could i add to the mix to feed her some potassium? I have a bottle of diluted potassium silicate which provides around 4% potassium. Could...
  10. S

    Need help diagnosing

    I have a few plants that I am concerned about. 1 - Out of 4, one seems to be just far.... 2 - One of them has twisting leaves and skinny leaves where there is new growth, which might just be normal for this plant, not sure. 3&4 - The other two have similar issues, they both have...
  11. W

    N deficiency in mid flowering? Yellowing lower leaves and tips

    Hi all, have read the stickies and whilst I believe this is an N deficiency, I'm not sure how to fix it? Strain: White Widow Auto Light: was grow indoor for veg, been outdoor since week 4 Medium: Coco 7 litre pot Nutes: Canna A and B Days: Week 6 / Day 47 (flowered around week 4) Thanks to...
  12. D

    Plant leaf spots and yellowing, help!!

    I noticed the tips of some leaves getting yellow as well as some brown spots. Only a few of the leaves are affected. Could it be light burn? Or is it a nutrient deficiency, Ph, etc. (I changed my light last week to a ViparSpectra P1000 LED from a 600w philzon LED.)
  13. V

    Discolouration in new growth, young plants

    Hi all, New around here, been searching everywhere to try and find photos similar to what my plants are looking like but struggling to figure it out myself. Ima first time grower and so far so good, however I think I’m coming across what I think are my first deficiencies in the plants. Tbh it...
  14. kowato12


    Hey everyone!!! New member here, and I'm having issues with my plant 5 weeks in. I was wondering if anyone can help?? I'm currently growing in a 5 gallon pot Gorilla Glue (autoflower) and I'm using a "300 watt" UFO LED light around 18 inches from the plant. The temp on average is between 77-87...
  15. Weouthere

    Still Having Weird Issues

    Hey guys! thanks for reading. My leaves are showing me something’s not right still.. 480w led, 4x4 tent FFOF/HF/EWC 5 gal Geopots Tap water - really good, no chlorine or fluoride! Week 4 since flip. Vegged for 7-8 weeks. I have 3 plants; Farmers Fire, ATF, and Icicles. I gave them all...
  16. S

    Potassium deficiency

    Hi , it's my first dwc grow , 2x2 fastberry auto from fastbuds , bigger ones are nearly 5 weeks old and I've been battling root rot on it for over 2 weeks , then I've used h202 and fingers crossed , no sign of it so far . But it stopped grow for 3 weeks , regardless girls started flowering ...
  17. herer.iam

    Week 6 of Flowering - Cinderella 99 by Pacific Seed Bank (help!)

    I fed Cindy for the last time at week 4. The leaf tips are yellowing. I'm thinking it has a deficiency. I've read that the last time you feed it is at like 3-5 weeks of flower. I was wondering if I just let it use up all the rest of the nutrients or feed it again. I just want to make sure that I...
  18. lysergicals

    Keeps happening every grow. Throwing in the towel

    What is going on. Is it neut burn or deficiency?? 1 month into flower, 2.5 gallon pots, 750watts of fluorescent light, not to hot and about 2 feet from the light. I'm using inert growing media with canna coco (started flower at a+b 25ml) now at A-50ml + B-50ml, 25 ml canna boost, and supplement...
  19. P

    What toxicity is this?

    Hi! The new leaves of my plant look weird! The old ones are really dark mayne nitrogen toxicity Im not sure! Can you guys please help me? Cheers:weed:
  20. P

    What deficiency/toxicity is this?

    Hi! My leaves look weird in color mainly the new ones the older leaves are a little dark and the tip of it is slighty white! Thx Coco/Indica fem/day 32/600w/temp and humidty is right