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    kochab New Member

    im not gonna get $1500 of product from a 400watt htg light.

    LoganSmith Well-Known Member

    Why wont you. $200 x 10= $2000, $400 oz / 2000 = 5oz.
    I don't know how fast you will get it back but you will get it back and much more then 10x in the long run.
    This is a one time purchase of $200 if you can afford it. Like i said before ebay sells them all day every day for $200 or less. Two sold today for around $130.

    How many plants do you have now? With a LM you can x it by 2 at least.

    Good luck with your project one way or the other.

    kochab New Member

    yeah i got ya man but i wanna make one because i cant afford the initial investment in the mechanism.

    LoganSmith Well-Known Member

    I feel your pain
    Puffin Afatty

    Puffin Afatty Active Member

    I made one from a sliding shower door rail and my ocillating fan...I attached a dowel rod on my fan pointing forward, I then tied strings to the end of the rod and ran the strings thru eyelets screwed into the side walls and to the light hanging on the rail...the light moves 24 inches, 12 from center right and 12 from center like a charm...cost me nothing, I had the fan, the rail and slider was from an old shower door...Snow White is gonna love this...

    I only grow 1 plant at a time, but I noticed the dark side of the buds isnt as frosty as the light side so a light mover is in harvest will tell the tale in 14-15 weeks...a buddy used a light rail 3.5 in a past grow and increased his yield by 80% over the previous crop, I dont have the room to grow more, just grow the 4x4 foot area with better buds...I can hardly wait...

    kochab New Member

    i just thought of how i could do it.
    was thinking of how those ceiling fan light type of light movers work and came up with this

    kochab New Member

    talking to a friend about the wire to the gonna put the light on a swivel.......then make the wire to the light long as hell and suspend it from the side of the room exact same heigth as the fixture for the light itself.
    then ill take it all down and do a vertical grow like im starting now.
    lol time for new plans on a light mover.

    bearo420 Well-Known Member

    check out my northern farmer vertical grow thread. there isnt a cheaper vertical solution on this site than that one. your welcome rollitup

    tspimpin1118 Active Member

    a drill ... saw it in a grow vid one time i think maybe on you tube

    LoudBlunts Well-Known Member

    i seen a light mover for 100 bucks the other day.....

    buster7467 Well-Known Member

    If you are worried about putting a light mover over just one plant than that would be a waste. Just place some cfls where you need the extra light. Sometimes simple is better.

    OverD0se Active Member

    I made a mover about 3y ago with some used bicycle chain and small toys car motor . It is not as hard as you think but you need to balance your rail and lamps very well . Fix your chains on the rails and design a mover part with toys motor.You can easily control the movin speed and increase your light covering area with this device

    onenumcat Well-Known Member

    here ya go, designed and built by yours truely.
    and you won't even need to buy a motor, I promise, you've already got one in your grow room.
    or choose from about a dozen videos to see it in action.

    crzywhboy6669 Well-Known Member

    i just looked on ebay. they have light movers new for $90-110. you can buy used ones even cheaper. got to love ebay. well sum times.

    mrduke Well-Known Member


    bballdude692006 Active Member

    dont have a 100watt but i think it would prob just be overkill. like it said before just go with cfl's if you dont really need it however if your space was larger i would say def get it. im thinking of getting one once i get a bigger space. i currently only have like 3ft wide and 2 ft deep to work with freely plus like another 2 feet deep with shelves. im renting an apartment so i cant really try to find a better spot.

    reeferMaster Well-Known Member

    fuck ebay. i got scamed 6k off that bitch ass site. have you ever heard of hydrofarm?they sell cheap aluminum light rails with a small chain and sprokets . if you bought one you could just copy the idea if you wanted a better one. 4 ft rail rocomened hold is 20 lbs. it only 110$

    JokerJay Member

    I'w been thinking about this as well because I just got a new monster led light weighing 23 kg and why not take a nice powerful motor like a (chicken) rotisserie motor and combining it with a simple bike chain suspended between two cranks with a motor on the one of the cranks .... This way you don't have to deal with big problem of getting it to stop and go back (aka. Change direction) and depending on the circumstances of the cranks it can also cover more in depth when using a bigger bike crank....??
    2 x Bike crank's --
    1-2 bike chains (maybe more) --
    2 bearings for holding the cranks horizontally down from the ceiling (ideas are very welcome;)
    And a powerfull motor (in my case, that can run 23 kg. But smooth bearings should help this a lot and you won't get as much drag as when using a rail.)
    But when it comes to suspending the light I can foresee some problems, but maybe this can maybe be relieved by adding a elips-formed rail on which the light can lean and get a lot of weight support so the motor only have to "drag" it (also in case it falls;-)
    Let me know what u guys think
    MMJ Dreaming 99

    MMJ Dreaming 99 Well-Known Member

    There is a company on eBay that sells a lot of stuff and they sell a complete 3.5 Light Rail for just under $165 delivered for free and quickly.

    If someone is really handy they can try to build their own. I considered the cheaper HydroFarm with a chain but some people said it is cheezy and not reliable

    Light Rail has been around at least 20 years and they make a quality product. Just get a flat 4x6 plank to mount the track on. I put the wood on the floor at Lowes or HD to make sure it is flat.

    The thing is a Light Rail will run 12 hours a day - day in and day out. Thousands of trips up and back. You can try DIY but it has to be reliable

    qballizhere Well-Known Member

    I use light rail 3.5 for hps and they have been great for the last 3 years. It was cheaper getting 4 light movers than another 24k mini split. I will be taking them down soon and the leds will go up.
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