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Discussion in 'Do It Yourself' started by kochab, Dec 23, 2007.


    JokerJay Member

    Just out of pure curiosity, what kind of led lights have you bought to replace the hps?

    qballizhere Well-Known Member

    Diy citizen clu048-1818 2 per driver elg-240-54-d2 48 cobs for the whole room ran @2.1a each maybe 2.2a
    I run 4k hps now on light rails and when the room is done it will be 6k of led. That will replace 8k of hps. Then its time to upgrade the veg room.
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    qballizhere Well-Known Member

    The 4 kof lights and light rails and 1 600 watt hps in veg are on a 50 a breaker and I have 2 more 600 watt on a 20a breaker. I will be able to run all the veg led lights and flower off 1 50a breaker. With 10a to play with for a new pi based controller and run the uvb lights also

    Cloudy.ore.gone New Member

    Why not do a linear rail setup on an xy carriage a simple arduino could run it on stepper motors could be done cheap and pretty easily

    qballizhere Well-Known Member

    At that time I didn't have the time to make a mover and it was a lot easier just to buy the rails.I needed to get the room up and running and not spend a few weeks trying to make light movers.

    Mazer Well-Known Member

    any pictures?

    Mazer Well-Known Member

    I tried to go the (H)Arduino way with a stepper motor, a threaded rod, etc using the exemple two of the following page.
    The bill of material comes up to more or less 25$ if you source your electronics online.
    An yes I did say I tried as I have fried one of the component while soldering it and the project kinda drifted away. IF someone want's to give it a shot, I would gladly share the info I scrapped on the net with more pictures.
    Cletus clem

    Cletus clem Well-Known Member

    The dude grows show posted a vid of an oscillating fan with a single COB mounted in the middle. Fucking brilliant! Some people run quote a few of those wall mount oscillators. Imagine if each one was also an oscillating photon blaster! Im going to make this standard operating procedure.

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