Does anyone out there absolutely hate their job?


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I never hated any jobs but one. That was HVAC service and pushy sales. Can't stand ripping people off and crawling around inside attics. Quit that within 4 weeks I think. I used to work the same thing for 5 yrs prior with good people and business. Moved and hated it after that. Realized it aint for me.
Love my job I've been in for years now tho. Gives me a ton of flexibility personally while having a lot of fringe benefits. Its not a well paid position but I'm also not in a higher tax bracket. Full benes, 401k, etc. Never will be laid off even in these times. Its pretty rock solid and I am thankful for it.
Are you also doing trans-gendered sex work? Do you know @dannyboy602 ?


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i dont wanta work...... i just wanta bang on these drums all day:lol:

i took a job as a security guard in march, figuring to start a new career as i have been retired since 2005.

the money was good and the wife only taxed me 50 percent.

but yea i hated it. lasted 5 months (almost)

its not just because i am lazy i quit, it was do to missing out on work outs and life.



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Retired in '08, liked pretty much all the jobs I had except in the late '60's working as a pump jockey/flunky/tire buster in a full service (remember those?) gas station. It did however provide me with a place to work on and learn about go fast machines of the era. That said, EVERY SINGLE day of not working is a fucking vaca day and I love every one.

too larry

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Before the world went sideways I loved my job. I worked nights and weekends when there were events scheduled. But my last event was in March. I'm working one day a week now just make work type stuff. Plenty busy at home, and I've got used to not having to stop what I'm doing to come into town for work. I'm really thinking hard about not coming back when we open back up. Other than the money, I love not working.

And the last thing I want to do is grow pot for a living. It's still fun and I want to keep it that way.


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And the last thing I want to do is grow pot for a living. It's still fun and I want to keep it that way.
I still enjoy growing. I find it much easier and rewarding to put in the work for something that profits me. Most jobs I've had were "work hard and the boss profiting". Not to mention I get to stay home with my family most days, and have a good work/ home life balance while still being financially stable.

Don't get me wrong it does add a fair amount of stress to the process but I have an obsession with growing. It's literally what I think about almost all the time and has been for many years. I honestly feel like I'm getting to chase my dream. I never thought I'd make it to a legal state and have the size rooms I do(not that big for legal but big enough). I am tired and drained and worried a lot of the time especially since I just got up here a few months ago and had to invest a lot of money in all this. But I wouldn't have it any other way, at least that stress and hard work is benefitting me and my family and not spent on some job that has the same meager check week to week.

My Name is Mike

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I went to college got a BS in Geology thinking I would come out and do field work as a scientist. Well, I’m doing field work alright, but just as a manual laborer making $17/hr and hating every second of it.

I applied to work at the front desk of my local gym, I would take a 50% pay cut if it just meant being happy every day!!! Not sure if the fiancé would be as excited about losing income as I would.

I think I had a panic attack earlier by just thinking about my future at current manual labor job. Had to tell my boss that blood sugar was low so I could run to the gas station and buy a 40oz just to get a little numb.

This is starting to sound like a conversation I should take to reddit. There are some nice mf’s on the mental health sub. Funny how some internet strangers can turn your day around.

Anyways sorry to rant, peace to the RIU fam :bigjoint::peace:
I was laid off 1 month ago. Since then I've submitted 42 applications, I've revised and customized my resume 32 times, written 29 cover letters, 7 30-60-90 day plans, 17 video interviews and flew to 4 states for 4 face-to-face interviews. I don't record hours spent, I should.. Received 39 rejections and 3 offers.

True data as I keep an excel file updated daily so I can keep track of all the different versions of submissions I do. I'm sharing this to say, if you don't like it, change it.

We live in an unprecedented time. The available talent pool has never been higher, hiring is at a low and competition for open positions is fierce. If you truly hate your job, you have to put in the work. Because many people like me don't stop.