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Hello fellow smokers I have a few questions about a urin test at kaiser that I have recently took. So ofc I took a drug test at kaiser and before that I smoked a stizzy pod wich is rated at 80-85% thc. I had a half gram pod with is 500mg but I only smoked 1/4 of it within a 2 week period. I then took a break 27 day break when I found out a drug test would b issued so I didn't touch anything since then. I have a body percent fat at about 16-18 and my metabolism is normal-weight. Within those 27 days I drank alot of water and peed alot but no exercise but with the heat waves for about a week a did sweat naturally and at night. I feel I have good chance at passing but i am still questionable. With my rough calculations I did 500/4=125 because I only smoked a quarter of it then for the thc percentage being at 80% I did 125×0.80= I got 100mg that I smoked in 2 week period. I am going to. Mention I did not smoke before these 2 weeks and the 1/4 that was smoked I had a little help but NOT MUCH. What are my chances lookin


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I feel like you are okay, but the time to worry is past. Can't do anything now but dont smoke until you hear something. Maybe things looked good but bad drug test and you can ask to take again?

Good Luck.