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Discussion in 'Seed and Strain Reviews' started by Velvet Elvis, Nov 4, 2015.

    We Can Make Sandwiches

    We Can Make Sandwiches Well-Known Member

    @v.s one grew abunch that looked fantastic. Dont think I recall seeing him mention anything bout herms.
    v.s one

    v.s one Well-Known Member

    I will second that. One of my favorites right now.
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    greencropper Well-Known Member

    have you pollen chucked anything onto the Humble Pie man? she could be a good 1 for that and take other types pollen well?
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    v.s one

    v.s one Well-Known Member

    I have some f2s I'm growing now. That I used a ogkb dom male. They look like the mom so I'm happy. No I had some stud animism pollen I saved to hit a bunch of ladies. Got drunk and left it out didn't catch it till it was to late. I just germinated the last of my humble pie seeds. I got a bubble gum cross I'm making should be nice if I get another humble male. Already crossing it to my false teeth stud. Calling it false titties or sugar titts.

    greencropper Well-Known Member

    sounds good those crosses you have...shame about the animism pollen...grog strikes again! lol some great names there for them, im just a numbers and letters guy...eg GDP x C99 is written in my grow diary as 3C...easier to keep track
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    Bob Zmuda

    Bob Zmuda Well-Known Member

    The stinky old man breath one has cured into a a stinky sour funk. Kind of a sharp, sour og taste.

    Not nearly as bad as it smelled In flower

    The other skittles one is fantastic but yielded very poorly.

    limonene Well-Known Member

    IMG_6876.JPG IMG_6866.JPG Hot rod and grandpas breathf2

    eastcoastmo Well-Known Member

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    limonene Well-Known Member

    Thanks man. I may have put 2 photos of hotrod haha. My apologies!
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    eastcoastmo Well-Known Member

    Ha ha doesn't matter man, it's all fire in your garden!!
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    limonene Well-Known Member

    Thanks pal - these are definitely gbreathf2
    IMG_6922.JPG IMG_6926.JPG IMG_6929.JPG IMG_6928.JPG

    Vato_504 Well-Known Member

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    limonene Well-Known Member

    Word up fam
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    eastcoastmo Well-Known Member

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    Amos Otis

    Amos Otis Well-Known Member

    This was such a fun exchange that I wanted to use it to bounce an update of sorts on the GG s1 that was plucked of about a dozen sacs at 26 days. They never came back, and the chopped plant got it's first test smoke about an hour ago. No seeds in the clipped bud, a nice old school earthy dirt taste that reminds me of rock festival weed a couple decades ago. The high is superb......a nice chill, then about a 15 minute speed fest. Haven't had one of those in a long time, and 45 minutes later there's still a lot of zoom zoom in the buzz. I've got another at 2 weeks post flip, and will keep close eyes on it...but man....this is potent smoke.

    hayrolld Well-Known Member

    Now that is a good smoke report! Looking forward to the final results.
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    the gnome

    the gnome Well-Known Member

    my 1st run with DVG gear is looking like a winner
    I have 2 foul mouths around 6wks in.
    the smell has something in it like dog shite,
    when ever I'm around them I start checking the bottoms of my shoes :D

    a few pics of those foul mouths
    also have GPB F2s 3wks into 12/12
    and just sexing out a pak of grand slam,
    4 FMs from that,
    I was sure i had more like 8 ladies but most of the males look
    exactly like FMs with tight nodes and plenty of vegging.

    a few pics of the foul ones
    no lack of of shuga on these ladies
    :weed: DSCF0018.JPG DSCF0017.JPG
    the gnome

    the gnome Well-Known Member

    I'll play around with the cam some more and try to get better pics,
    these were taken with flash.
    the cam has a macro setting,
    these FMs are really nice if the pic was more focused.
    more to come!

    Hemphill420 Active Member

    I love the structure :)

    limonene Well-Known Member

    Nice job!

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