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Discussion in 'Seed and Strain Reviews' started by Velvet Elvis, Nov 4, 2015.


    rocknratm Well-Known Member

    Im curious how did they respond to the topping exactly?

    hockeybry2 Well-Known Member

    after topping the already slow growth was even slower. Very slow and very little vertical growth after the top. Pretty common trend for ogkb
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    Dividedsky Well-Known Member

    I had a few, also had a few with the mutant leaves phenos, from what I hear they can be great ogkb dom phenos, but I tossed them I didn't want to mess with them at the moment and they were super slow in veg. Your best bet is to pop a 10pk for sure. I have to say, I got very good female to male ratios think it was like 6 or 7 females of grandpas breath.
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    higher self

    higher self Well-Known Member

    Swamp Things looking good ended up with 7 out of 9 popping. Some look like GPB/cookie doms one is clearly the slow growing OGKB runt & I'll be patient in growing it out. I need to get 2 males & 5 females to makes these F2's lol.

    Will see how these compare to Connoisseur's TK Cookies which is looking super fire ,almost about to chop.
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    texasjack Well-Known Member

    Still smoking on this polyploid bud. Grape oranges smell now. Love it.
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    torontoke Well-Known Member

    Haven't read the whole thread so pardon me for just asking but what are the known phenos of false teeth and grandpasbreath?
    I've recently revegged a gpb because it surprised me so much the first run.
    Topped her a few times but the regrowth has been shocking. Smoke had a sour pickle taste but above average potency.

    This is my first run of false teeth and have two going. One is almost scentless and the other is very sweet with a tinge of berry.
    Already frosting up and looking like good smoke.
    IMG_2851.JPG IMG_2852.JPG
    v.s one

    v.s one Well-Known Member

    Looks stellar bro. As always.
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    torontoke Well-Known Member

    Thanks bud
    The gpb has some tip burn but u shoulda seen her last month lol
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    v.s one

    v.s one Well-Known Member

    I bet she smells great
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    higher self

    higher self Well-Known Member

    Out of 7 Swamp Thing I have 3 are showing females parts. Still not 100% but I'm usually good at spotting the sex as soon as they show. Of course I don't really take a sigh of relief until they show a pistil & a hair lol.

    I do need a few males but haven't had that early showing male jump out yet like I often see when starting new seeds. I've found that OG's take a bit longer to sex & I if this slow growing runt isn't female I'll be hurt!
    the gnome

    the gnome Well-Known Member

    I ran a couple FTs 4months ago, I remember 1 not having much of any kind of smell to her, thelast few weeks of bloom she came around.
    A+ smoke
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    torontoke Well-Known Member

    Yeah I've been pleasantly surprised tbh
    Not knowing that much about candyland beforehand I didn't know what to expect.
    Both mine were super frosty and taste fantastic.
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    Heisengrow Well-Known Member

    Any more word on what you guys have going.How did that False Teeth turn out.I have 4 female FT going right now,7,10,11,and 12 are FT.About 2 weeks away from flip.All these are 9 days old from when the clones got roots.Been wanting to run these for a while finally got around to it.8 and 9 are greenpoint Hickock haze and Eagle Scout
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    eastcoastmo Well-Known Member

    Bro, can you please let me know when you do the F2, I would love to buy some off you if possible. Keen to try and find a good TK leaner :)
    higher self

    higher self Well-Known Member

    I still have a male with 4 different mothers so there will be plenty to share (def not for sale lol) when I make them. The male looks good but nothing standout but a male to make F2’s nonetheless. I did read that DVG is working on F2’s not sure where he’s at in the process.

    Also two things. I may reverse the best females instead of F2’s but still undecided. Lastly I would cross the Swamp Thing to my TK Cookies which would be a double dose of TK x Cookie in one cross lol. Again could use male pollen or reversed either way would work for me.

    All 4 Swamp Things are ready to go just vegging a bit longer before the flip.

    Heisengrow Well-Known Member

    Reverse them bad bitches has my vote
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    the gnome

    the gnome Well-Known Member

    it wasn't false teeth but foul mouth, sorry my bad guys.
    I have around 4-5 false teeth in 20oz cups that just sext out,
    they gets da up-pot t'day to 1gall and go under the big CDM 860s and 1000w 7k halides, I love this part of veg,
    7-10 days you won't recognized em with the new growth :leaf::twisted::leaf:
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    higher self

    higher self Well-Known Member

    Im leaning that way but we will see. Not even sure when I’ll polinate maybe in the summer because I need some seedless buds this winter!! This is the male though. The females all have thicker stems but all stay short. Im guessing just like my TK Cookies that they dont stretch at all when flowering. This male might be the most TK dom going by the thinness of the stems but Im not sure.

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    eastcoastmo Well-Known Member

    That all sounds awesome bro, please do keep me posted :-D
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    Houstini Well-Known Member

    Curly leaf mutant type phenos of grandpas breath? What to expect?

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