First time using a grow tent/1000w hps advice appreciated!

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    Hello everyone! As the title states, I'm about to move my girls into a grow tent (first time confining my plants into a smaller area) and bumping up my lights to a 1000w hps/mh.

    The tent is an agromax xl (98w x 55 d x 79 h). Before I get the purists telling me I'm going to hate it, I'm currently in the process of converting my basement into a multi sectional grow area, and I need a spot until it's ready to go :p also I planned on reusing the tent as a separate veg area later.

    The reflector I'll be using is a "big kahuna" with a removable, gasketed lens. A pic with dimensions is below for the tent and reflector. I also bought 3 inline fans, one with a carbon filter.

    My biggest question is ... How should I cool the hood/space properly and most effectively use the carbon filter?

    My thoughts were push/pull for the hood, with the exhaust fan having the carbon filter and utilizing the extra fan as an intake, moving air across the canopy.. But again, advice is appreciated.

    Also, should I just remove the sealed lens? I don't want to "waste" any light energy, but it must be helpful for something?

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    Ewwstank Well-Known Member

    Bumping for help!
    Roger A. Shrubber

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    you want your filter to be your "intake", hook it to your hood with a short piece of ducting, and have your fan outside the tent pulling through the filter, your hood, then exhausting outside. not sure what you're aware of, the filters come rated for cfm, don't run your fan faster than that or the filter won't be very effective, the air will pass through too quickly and won't have time for the hydrocarbons in it to bond with the carbon.
    the glass does indeed block a small amount of uv, but will be MUCH more effective at temp control with it in place. if you feel the need for uv supplementation, get a reptile light.
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    Does it matter that the fan and carbon filter are comboed? I'm not home right now so I can't remember the exact model, but it's something like the link below. I thought I'd want to pass the outgoing air through the filter to scrub the smell out, but I've never had to utilize anything like this in the past with my old grow room/equipment

    The tent is in a large, open basement if that helps. I've added an extra vent from my ac that my intake fan(s) would attach to and pull from, ensuring a constant hepa filtered flow of 65f air to the hood and grow tent

    I've obviously not built anything yet outside of the extra vent to attach to later
    Roger A. Shrubber

    Roger A. Shrubber Well-Known Member

    if they sell them together , you'd think they would be the same speed, but check just to make sure, you can buy controllers, some specifically say fan controller, but i use one intended for a router, they're all the same as long as they're big enough to handle the power.
    you can push air out of a filter, but they're much more efficient taking it in, your fan won't have to work as hard.
    i like having the controller even though i specifically bought a fan rated slightly lower than my filter. i turn it down to half speed when the lights go out, no need to run it wide open 24 hours a day when theres no heat to be removed.
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    Ewwstank Well-Known Member

    Thank you so much for the info! I'll post some pics when it's all set up, see if is up to par :)
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    Cx2H Well-Known Member

    Greetings, most of the time in tents I've run pass thru on the hood and separate exhaust and intake's.

    Hood pipe ran in one side of tent thru hood and out the other side of the tent. Made it easier to control environment inside tent for me. And timer shut if off when lights went out.

    Doing it the other way for me made it hard to control rH, always to low. But it was useful in some ways and would do it without hesitation if was only option.


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