First timer cooking cannabutter (fresh frozen trim)

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    Hey all!

    Just harvested my white widow, got about 2oz of trim with varied amounts of popcorn bud and sugarleaves. I poped it all in bags and put it in the freezer.

    But, now I don't know where to go. I've heard people using it as is, frozen and cooking with it.

    I would like some guidance and well, some ratio to get it into butter because I can't really find a recipe that fits into my situation.

    Thanks for any tips that are given!

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    Yes, I know there are a lot of threads about cannabutter but I've yet to find (even when googling) anything about just using frozen trim as is. Is that even possible?

    I just read through a cannabutter for dummies and it seemed quite simple, except, will frozen trim work as is when just grinding it up and throwing it in the pot?

    Simple question but seems quite hard to find an answer to.
    It's not oregano

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    Can't help with the frozen part, I assume you still need to decarb it first before putting it in butter, to get the thc active? Same as you would dry or fresh trim.
    I usually put roughly 2 oz trim/ popcorn in 500ml of coconut oil and it is strong enough for me. I then use the oil in place of butter to make these cookies
    I weigh the dough to 50g each cookie and get 15 that will take you to a happy place for a good few hours.
    500g of oil will make 4 batches of cookies.

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    Ah well, I put about 50 grams (1.8oz) of trim in the oven at 115C (239F) for 1 hour, let it cool in the oven with the door closed. Then put 500g (1,1lb) of butter chopped into cubes into a big pot, put the decarbed trim over it and put enough water to get the cannabis soaked.

    Then I put the stove on low, got it up to a stable 82C (179F) with the lid on and set a timer for 12 hours.

    We'll see how it turns out!
    It's not oregano

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    Sounds good, let us know how you go on.
    When i do it i usually let the butter set afterwards in a fridge or freezer, drain the water out, then pour boiling water on and let it set again. Do that a couple of times and you get a much cleaner tasting butter / oil.

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    Just woke up and the butter has solidified. When straining yesterday it had a brownish color when it was mixed with the water. Noticed during the last few hours of the cook, the water was evaporating which I think was the cause of the temperature rising to a maximum of 85C (185F) but I hope nothing bad became of the potency because of that.

    Either way - the butter is a yellow tint and I've read and logic says that the green tint is basically clorophyll from the plant matter so i'm not really that worried. It does not stink tho but there's a bit of a smell when i take a wiff from the container it has been sitting in.

    We'll see how it turns out when baking but my hopes aren't high as the smell isn't in your face.
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    Mine doesn't stink of weed after, so don't be too upset. It is a good thing as it doesn't overpower the taste of what you are baking.
    If you do the boiling water clean thing i mentioned it will get rid of any extra clorophyll rather than any good stuff, as basically you are filtering it again.
    For a quick test of potency scrape a teaspoon full off and eat it either on a bit of toast or just direct off the spoon. Then wait an hour or so. Obviously when safe to do so, not just before work or driving.
    If you get high as fuck it has worked!

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    Haha yeah, remelted it just so it looks and seperates better in a container but made a few pieces of toast for breakfast with some of the cannabutter on and wow, hits like a train about 1.5 hours later.
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    Good to hear, congratulations on making it right. Dead easy once you have done it the first time. I can't believe some people throw their trim away when it can still be used in butter.
    I have found, as have others, that coconut oil is even better at extracting the goodies from your trim than butter, and it keeps for months in a jar in the fridge. Just an idea for next time.
    Now you have the hard job of deciding what delicious goodies to make to use your butter in!
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