Fungus gnats in my soil....

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    I have no experience with the dunks, but have only ever used neem regularly and have sticky traps up. I have found the key with the neem is to spray everyday or every second day for a week. I just spray the top of the soil until it is saturated. That is what has worked for me when they seem to take a hold.
    Not watering too much, weekly neem treatments in veg, and keeping things clean have all worked wonders for me.
    For anyone having a problem finding neem oil in Canada I found my stockpile at an east indian grocery store. Cheap as hell too lol
    Good luck with your gnats. As stated they are noway near as damaging as some pests.
    Cheers :)
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    yup.......and I reckon I got em' all in my spare bedroom FFS!!
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    What about placing mint or oregano on the surface of the soil? strong smelling natural stuff as a repellant
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    After research Gnatrol will be ordered tonight!
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    Gnatrol will be on the job here next week!

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    Try and find eco BB and dose and spray that, it will not kill all the bugs in the soil but will kill 100% of adults that hatch or land on the plant within 4 days.
    It is a fungus that can live on the plant. DO not do this if you are supplying medical grade weed for testing.
    I do not believe it poses any risk, but they are very antsy about fungi and trich.

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    Gnatrol on patrol. Looks like a pound will go a long, long way.

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    I been down this road. This year I saw a post here and bought it. 20 bucks, 5000 applications of one drop per gallon. I started watering one of the times during the week and in 2 weeks no more gnats, no more thrips either.
    I did see my first whitefly though but those die when you yell at them so gone in a day.
    Microbe Lift, amazon
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    To battle bugs , I would use cedar paneling on the floor and first 12 to 18 inches on 3 walls . the cedar fumes rise under the leaves of the plants where the bugs normally hide and kills them dead . I had bole weavols in my organic soil that the cedar got rid of . I found them lying on the floor . Just saying it might help with spider mites too ???
    I know that if you put cedar chips in or under your dogs bedding area , It will kill fleas . Same concept . Bugs do not like cedar . Thats why you never see cedar furniture have bugs in it .Mabe a 1/2" of sand and 1 to 2 inches of cedar chips
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    Cedar chips dont fuck with thr soil ph?

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    Microbe life huh? No more gnats? Are the microbes in the soil are still ok?

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    I can see the same thousands of microbes before during and after applications of MicrobeLift. blew my mind seriously. I wouldnt put it out there if it wast tops. I would have been happy to see just gnats gone but my bonus was those frukken thrips. I never saw one on a plant bu they were hiding on electrical wires sometimes, always on or under some pots. I could kill them then more would come.
    gone! gnats gone too! I was applying biweekly and during the second week I'd see 2/3 babies buzzing or stuck to the yellow trap. I started applying weekly and that ended.

    I never saw white flies in my room..until I rid it of gnats and thrips...I figure one or both larvae must have eaten white fly larvae.
    I poured soap/olive oil/water in the two white fly pots months ago and thy died in minutes, havent seen them since. looking forward to the real test of spring.
    20 bucks for thousands of weeks......just do it
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    One of the preventatives I use is a product made from garlic and canola oil.
    Sounds like something one could DIY if buying the shit wasn't so convenient.

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    As has been mentioned before, Microbe Lift BMC biological larvacide. I use three drops per each and every gallon of water as a preventative measure in my organic grow. If I see a flyer I'll up it to 6 drops and add a dose of Captain Jack's Dead Bug Brew. Works every time for me.
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    You really don't want cedar in or on your soil.

    In semi close proximity to your plants/soil, but not in actual contact. pH would be the least of your problems if added to the soil mix.

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    my gnats ate cedar blocks, shit neem oil, lived in fire, breathed poisoned water, showered in capn jacks, nested in mosquito dunks.
    dont screw around, microbe lift ends this plague in 2 weeks for pennies month for the love of weed. nothing purchased or made can compete with this type natural organic type of total control..I'd know
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    I’m about to pull the trigger on comes in a jar which looks misleading. I thought it was a liquid?
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