g13 labs suck assholes

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    Hellbillie Active Member

    I have had great luck with G13 Labs beans. 100% germination and 0 hermies to date. Ive grown out Gigabud many times, the Blue OG is phenomenal, and I also really liked there NL x Skunk cross. Now as far as hermies and males goes, Dinafem has been the worst for me. But it happens, its genetic breeding not computer programming.
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    Thecouchlock Well-Known Member

    I am with you on the whole g13 labs isn't straight shit, it may not be the most expensive beans in my garden but they sure as hell hold their own against my other strains by dna, tga, cc, cbc etc.

    kermit2692 Well-Known Member

    After finally running g13 my consensus is don't trust them blindly like some other companies can be but don't write them off..I ran a widow and a pack of gigabud...the widow was great id recommend it however stay away from the gigabud it's nothing special and hit or miss on yield and it sure doesn't finish in 5 or 6 Weeks whatever it is they say..also had a freebie sour d x chronic and that wound up taking the show, of six or so strains that thing is next level lime green frosty and full with a great smell seriously too bad they don't sell these, if you have one, it's Special know that ahead of time lol

    greenghost420 Well-Known Member

    iv ran g13 and agree they were hit or miss.didnt stop me fromj grabbing their pineapple xpress.well see how those go in a month,,,

    racerboy71 bud bootlegger

    really green? i've run a few things from g13 and was pleased, but i think both of the strains i ran from them were old and are no longer either available or the same parents used if they are..
    my first grow was their super skunk, and holy dog shit, super skunk is right.. straight up, two dead skunks having raw butt sex in my crib for months on end.. i prayed to god every night that they'd finish soon so i could end the funk.. enough said..
    and second was their diesel.. i put that thing through the test and beat on it, and still ended up with some really nice smoke out of it, but i don't think the diesel they offer now is the same as they changed the name..
    i've only heard good things about their p/e express though, everyone i know who has grown it has liked it..

    greenghost420 Well-Known Member

    well i had a blueberry auto damp off, same as a friends around the way. i got a blueberry gum freebies which were mids to dro. good flav n resin but no potency.choc heaven was weak. so im on the fence. these PE will make my mind up for me. i have a blue og which im gonna try as well. looks like the blue og has a good rep. iv smoked the og13 which was good but wasnt really og perse. specially after blazing the RP og there was no comparison. i need to edit my comment above lol i shouldnt say they suck, just hit n miss is more like it.

    rory420420 Well-Known Member

    their purple haze stays in my rotation..it's a beautiful plant,white frosting,quick,good yeild,smells like purple,clones easy,a trimmers dream,very forgiving on nutes..I can go on and on..oh and it was a freebie seed!

    racerboy71 bud bootlegger

    yeah, i hear that, but imo, 80% or so of modern breeders can be hit or miss anymore, luck of the draw kind of thing it seems at times..

    greenghost420 Well-Known Member

    i just expected more. and i was quick to judge, id try some other offerings as they are priced right.

    greenghost420 Well-Known Member

    i was planning on doing some threads in the future documenting dif seed co. and how more $$ beans fare against lower cost beans. i wanna grab a few packs grow em out jus for the funk of it. like pyramid ak vs serious ak off the top, ill do something with g13 under this concept.
    smoke and coke

    smoke and coke Well-Known Member

    these are the skunk beans i have from g-13. hey racer was it the super skunk fem?

    all of these were freebies.

    1-Skunk #1 fem
    1-Super Skunk fem
    5-Thai Super Skunk reg
    15-Power Skunk reg

    i liked the PE but it wasn't as potent as i would have liked.

    racerboy71 bud bootlegger

    yes, exactly, but i got mine when g13s was still super new, and i have recommended them to a few people, one of which i know grow them out on my word, and he was a bit let down to say the least.. said they were more on the sweet side and not the straight road kill skunk that i had, which leads me to believe that either, a, the parents of the old super skunk died, or b, they simply switched them up for w/e reason..
    i obviously could be wrong, but just know going in that i've been told the ones i had grown a few years ago or not like the ones they're selling now..
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    smoke and coke

    smoke and coke Well-Known Member

    i have had those beans for awhile now so maybe i will get lucky. i may have to wait till next year because my menu is full this year lol.

    thanks for the info.

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    Arcadio Member

    Gotta agree with this. I've tried a few different breeders, KC Brains, Female Seeds, Dutch Passion and G13 Labs. All of them were at least good with high germination rates and good growth and produce.
    However the absolute standout from these was G13 Labs Purple Haze and G13 Labs Blueberry Bum, the only strains I even tried from them. And there were no hermies from them and also very few runts, practically nothing but good phenos.
    They are also by far the best packaged seeds. They come in glass vials and a special tin. The other breeders haven't had the standout quality and with more runts in each seed pack.
    I've seen some other threads where people are also complaining about the G13 Labs packaging. It makes me think that there must be fake ones out there. Both the Purple Haze and Blueberry Gum come in glass vials with special tins and I assume that every strain they sell comes equally well packaged. If you get G13 Labs seeds that aren't in a glass vial I would be questioning them. They are probably not genuine G13 Labs. And if a freebee turns out crap then it's either a fake or a runt. Runts are inevitable even in the most expensive seed packs some can be runts. You can't judge a strain or a breeder by a single seed. G13 Labs is on the expensive side but definitely worth paying a bit more for. These guys do not mess around.
    Happy Grinch 42O

    Happy Grinch 42O Member

    No seed is guaranteed 100% female. Please learn WHAT feminized seeds are and how they’re made before you make a purchase. Males CAN be found in “Feminized” Seeds, thus the better term is Reversed.
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    canna_420 Well-Known Member

    99% is the target.
    Some claim 100% (GHS) and look on the forums at the amount of hermaphrodite they produce. Even offer a guarantee (they wont honour because of "EU laws" on germination).

    Even proven genetics can change. Look at the claim Rockster makes about his "male" cheese.

    fdd2blk Well-Known Member

    Happy Grinch 42O

    Happy Grinch 42O Member

    I recommend buying clones from someone who did the hard work for you. CCS has a good Pineapple Express #2 cut. It's the fastest sativa I have worked with, it very much resembles PE#1 but only takes 45 days to flower! http://www.californiacareservices.com/clones.html

    dubekoms Well-Known Member

    Do they ship outside California?
    Happy Grinch 42O

    Happy Grinch 42O Member

    I'm not sure. Check out their website and send them an email

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